Gucci handbags style 2009 Winter Series handsome and generous, a variety of styles designed for women of different temperament, once published become the love of many new favorite actress, famous singer and star Miss Fan Bingbing and Miss Huang Yi, a famous singer and star of Hong Kong Miss Chen Huilin, Charlene Choi and International supermodel QiQi miss are on this set of have a special liking.
Gucci 2009 autumn and winter series of handbags for the first time the precious classic alligator and Gucci GG canvas or leather handbags in the same paragraph also apply on top of new applications that make the whole more layering and luxury handbags rich; Gucci Classic Green red and green ribbon to be re-interpreted into a combination of crocodile skin and leather, adding infinite texture; bags three-dimensional physical body, the bottom of the stud design, the daily carrying more convenient to use; in this series each handbag comes with a metal Lock accessories and leather tag, is the most favorite fashion details of classic fashion, which is also exquisite Florentine leather craft display charm out of people, to fully appreciate the brand creative director Frida Giannini’s unique idea.
In addition the concept of brand creative director Frida Giannini’s New Jackie, in the Gucci Outlet fashion show in the spring and summer 2009 debut, the Gucci fashion colorful refresh this evergreen design. New Jackie moving in the original design and charm of Florence leather craft exquisite detail above, add creativity to highlight the brand’s strict aesthetic criteria eternal, the achievements of another classic luxury.
Recently launched a new Gucci handbag watch series, once again playing the brand characteristics design, but this is the first word with the brand “G” word patterns. Number of new case outer table are decorated with large and small square or circular G character design, plus signs in red and green as a decoration, so that overall distribution of the brand new table noble style.
The most outstanding indisputably Charm Bracelet style of Gucci handbags, GUCCI Mobile Messenger series multi-purpose canvas bag 201477 white women in recent years, a large hot PVC Charm Bracelet pendant bracelet designed to bring in the table hanging on behalf of GG brand design, Bamboo, Boot boots, Dog Tag dog tag a total of four hangings. Both the large surface of the G Chrono, Super Mini Model G Mini, or bracelet style G Charms, watch full outer joins G word patterns. In addition to G character design, the new table on behalf of the other feature is the use of the color red and green Gucci, G Chrono watch has an all-red and green design, while another watches a small rectangle, then use red and green Roman numerals, with the new floral design surface, watch for the simple addition of color.
Our Gucci Outlet Online website of the past, many have used the word G outer design, such as a few years ago has launched the G Square watches, and last year launched the G Bandeau-shaped watch strap is the best example. Seeing these two series of popular, brand design to flourish this year, simply, in a variety of Gucci handbags designed to add this feature. Can feel for the fashion design director Alessandra Facchinetti Gucci handbags into the romantic character, slightly relaxed lines, with a soft and feminine, and sexy masculine the strained significantly different. In addition, tassels, sequins, leather, extensive use of rare, so exotic GUCCI thick atmosphere, is also released into the atmosphere to the accessories, knitting, button sewing, carving, relief and other means of application, all the ingenuity, people feel deeply to accessories design director Frida Giannini’s intentions.

Gucci Outlet to manufacture deluxe products famous. Whether shoes, glasses, or clothing, with “of the identity and fortune indicative” brand image makes rich brownstone consumption favorite.Welcome to Gucci Outlet Online.

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