Shavasana (Dead body pose):

Lie flat on your back, feet comfortably part, arms and hands extended about six inches from the body, palms upwards and fingers half-folded. Close your eyes. Begin by consciously and gradually relaxing every part and each muscle of the body; feet, legs, calves, knees, thighs, abdomen, hips, back, hands, arms, chest,shoulders, neck, head, and face. Relax yourself completely feeling as if your whole body is lifeless. Now concentrate your mind on breathing rhythmically as slowly and effortlessly as possible.
This creates a state of complete relaxation. Remain motionless in this position, relinquishing all responsibilities and worries for 10 to 15 minutes. Discontinue the exercise when your legs grow numb.

This asana helps bring down high blood pressure, and relieves the mind, particularly for
those who are engaged in excessive mental activity. This exercise should be done both at
the beginning and at the end of the daily round of yogic asanas. During a fast, shavasana
soothes the nervous system.

Padmasana (Lotus pose):

Sit erect and stretch your legs out in front of you. Bend one leg to place the foot on the
thigh of the other, the sole facing upwards. Similarly, bend the other leg too, so that the
heels are opposite each other and placed in such a way that they press down on the
other side of the groin. Keep your neck, head and spine straight. Place your palms one
upon the other, both turned upward and cupped, and rest them on the upturned heels a
little below the navel.
Padmasana is a good pose for doing pranayama and meditation. It helps in the treatment
of many heart and lung diseases and digestive disorders. It also calms and refreshes the


Sit erect in padmasana. Fold your hands behind your back, holding your left wrist with the
right hand. Take a deep breath. While exhaling, bend forward slowly keeping your hands
on your back. Bring your face downwards until your nose and forehead touch the floor.

While inhaling, slowly rise back to the upright position. The practice of this asana tones
up the nervous system, builds up powerful abdominal muscles and strengthens the pelvic
organs. It helps pep up digestion, boosts the appetite and removes constipation. It tones
up and relaxes the nerves of the head and face. It also strengthens the sex glands.

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