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Is your man’s beard starting to look unclean and unappealing? Well, it is time to tell him what it takes to maintain his beard the right way. Learn everything you need to know about prepping the beard and making sure it looks a million bucks when everything is said and done.

This guide is an ideal read for women who are looking to learn more about beard maintenance so your man can look great year-round without having those unclean scraggly hairs everywhere. This is a solution to all your problems.

Materials you will need for the process:

  • Beard Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Beard Shampoo
  • Aftershave
  • Razor
  • Shaving Cream
  • Comb

Steps for Beard Maintenance

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1- Shampoo Beard

The process should commence with the use of shampoo. You can find a beard shampoo that is made for this purpose. The idea behind shampooing the beard is making sure all dust, grime, and other particles in the beard get removed before touching it. If not, your guy may not find the maintenance comfortable and will give up. The shampooing is also vital to make sure the hairs are loosened and ready to be maintained.

You can also help him out and rub the shampoo in and ensures all of the particles are long gone. It is all about attention to detail with a beard, and this is a good starting point. It will set the tone for the rest of the process and make it a more straightforward task. Too many men skip this part, and you don’t want to let him!

2- Use Comb to Eliminate Tangles

Tangles are the worst and something men hate dealing with when it comes to the growing beard. A shorter beard may not pose such issues, but one that has been growing for a while is going to cause such concerns. The beard hairs will start to tangle up, and that is going to cause discomfort if trimmed through.

The best option is to make sure he is taking a fine-toothed comb and going through the beard with the grain. This is going to get rid of the tangles and make it easier to have a streamlined trimming session while maintaining it. You can once again help him out with this part in the process because you will have a better angle. If not, he can go through it quickly and make sure the beard is ready to go for the upcoming trimming phase.

3- Use Trimmer and Learn Its Various Lengths

It is now time to look at the most critical phase when it comes to beard maintenance and the one you have to understand. Beard maintenance can go haywire if trimming isn’t done with a Beard Care Shop | corded beard trimmer. Make sure to get one that is well-reviewed and is going to make the trimming easy. If not, he is going to hate the process because it will ruin his facial hair for the next few weeks.

A trimmer comes with different lengths, and he can toggle around to work on the beard. The appearance of his beard is going to depend on your preference. Some men prefer a shorter length while others prefer a longer length. This is a decision he can make or you can help him with.

Make sure when the trimmer is being used, it is going through the beard correctly. You don’t want it going in the wrong direction or missing spots. Don’t be afraid to go over the same spot twice to make sure excess hair is removed.

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4- Use Scissors To Remove Hairs Missed By Trimmer

Let’s say the trimmer misses a few hairs that are still sticking out at an odd angle. Just use a pair of trimming scissors, and those hairs can be eliminated in seconds. Find the ones that stick out and trim away. It will take a few minutes and give the beard a refined appearance.

5- Shave Skin Around Beard Using Razor To Create Neater Look

The next step is optional, and some men choose to ignore this. Once again, this is going to come down to preference but can make the beard “pop” because of the crispness of the finishing. The idea is to shave around the beard to better define it. This can be near the cheekbones, neckline, and close to the jawline.

Work on these areas and make sure it is correctly aligned. It shouldn’t be uneven when both sides are compared. It should look balanced if someone were to take a ruler and cut the face in half. This is how you are going to get the perfect finish.

6- Wash Beard and Use Aftershave

This is the final step after the beard is looking sharp and just the way you want it. Once the washing is complete, he can use some type of aftershave (your choice of course), so it smells and feels better. This is the finishing touch to the maintenance of his beard and will make him look fantastic for the next few days.

For girls who are looking to help their man keep a sharper beard, it’s highly recommended to provide him with a unique perspective. He may not realize how the beard is looking until you point it out. This can be a good way to help him and make sure he has a beard that makes you proud.

This is the ultimate girl’s guide when it comes to helping your man maintain his beard the right way. Follow this information and know he will be well on his way to the perfect beard and you will be a happy camper!

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