Our feet, like the patterns on the fingers, especially the individual, so adapt at all possible, and shoe manufacturers create something in between, and only then we will “break in” shoes under the identity of his foot. 
Therefore, when choosing this important accessory, remember that there is no perfect fit, but also to choose shoes that a great burden, or vice versa foot in it is very loose, not worth it.

As I said above, the shoes we carry all day and our legs are constantly at work, so the spec-clothes for our feet to choose the most comfortable.

High-heel shoes, more than 5 cm should not be worn at all times, otherwise you risk to make a spine disease or veins, as load on the spine and legs with a height of heel increases.
Abandon entirely of such shoes is simply impossible, because the female legs in high heels is a stunner, nothing adorns the foot as the heel. So feel free to wear such shoes on dates, holidays, where you want to stun everyone with its beauty, well, sometimes just for lifting the mood.
It is strange sounds, but athletic shoes or ballet flats for the ever wear is also not suitable as foot becomes wider and the distance between the fingers increases.

The best option is the heel is 3.4 cm while your feet will look elegant, the load on the spine will be modest, and a variety of styles and colors go up under the most elegant or ekstrovagantny outfit. Such shoes come in handy anywhere and anytime.

On the shape of shoes can say a very long time, since for different styles, different people will approach completely different form. Someone comes with a long toe shoes, someone with a round, there is already the choice is yours. Better than you, no one can understand how you want it in one way or another shoe

With the men’s shoes a bit easier. All of it or no heel or heel 2.1 cm, the main differences in shape. Makasiny, boots or krosovki, low boots and shoes – these are the main types of men’s shoes. The main thing is that the shoes are well sat on my leg and suited to your style.

versace shoes for men trends are constantly changing, it is versace shoes for menable these shoes, then syakaya in all of this can be confusing. But do not worry, your style we create ourselves and no one we can not decree. So that boldly go into a store and buy something that, as the saying goes, “lies the soul.” And no matter what it was versace shoes for men able in the last season, it is important that now it is versace shoes for menable for you! 
And in the versace shoes for men world right now how many designers and so many opinions, so that today we are always versace shoes for menable, most importantly to believe in it and not allow anyone to weaken the faith! We ourselves are the blacksmiths of the style-remember that!

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