It is impossible to image world and life without Internet today. Speed and availability of information, communication with people around the world, e-business, entertainment and many other elements make up the Internet part of our lives, and without it life would be unthinkable.

Customers can now compare prices and features of competitive products with one click. They can get answers on the Internet in a few seconds. It is not requirement to drive to the stores, waiting in lines… Consumers can even specify the price they want to pay for a hotel room, plane ticket or a book and see if there are interested bidders. Buyers can even unite themselves and thus achieve higher volume of discounts. Today it is possible to order almost everything online, furniture, technical equipment, consulting services, medical advice. People can order anything from anywhere in the world which has benefit on those who live in countries with limited supply and high prices. People can read almost any newspaper in any language. It can be accessed to online encyclopedias, dictionaries, information from medical reports to consumers… Communication between people has never been so easy and fast. Geographical and inter-state constraints are no longer a problem if we want to get in touch with someone. The Internet has become the biggest source of entertainment. This is only a fraction of what is an advantage of Internet.

But despite all the positive things that internet brings, there are a lot of negative things related to internet. Number of people who become addicts to certain sites, like as an example, social networks increases which could adversely affect their personality, productivity at work etc. Pornography, as well as all other sites, is easily accessible so that children can on the most simple way access to pornographic sites. Gambling on the Internet is increasingly popular. There are more situations when kids may be exposed to “attacks” by maniacs.

All these elements lead to situations where blocking access to certain websites is more and more common practice.

How to block website

It is possible with Gold Limiter that comes with simple installation, easy to use interface and it is password protected so nobody can use it without proper authentication. Users are in position to limit access to desired web sites, if not completely, just to one hour a day for example. It is worth telling that all major proxies that enable reaching certain web sites will be, also, blocked.  It comes also with different ways to block web sites that includes:

Normal lock feature that allows to block web pages by using on/off switch
Time lock  feature with half an hour precision for time blocking
Duration lock feature that limits usage of websites for a desired period of time during the day
Total lock  feature that enables to block sites for specific time duration without chance to unblock it during that period

Considering its options it is recommended for small company owners, educational institutions, students, parents and everyone else who wants simplest way to forbid desired web sites on his computer. For more information visit: Block Website.

Milan Dinic. To see how to block website visit: Block website

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