Diamonds are highly precious gemstones which were a symbol of wealth in the ancient days. Today, jewellery fitted with diamonds are often considered as one of the most expensive items a person could ever own. Due to their high value and prestige, it is only right that we take care of our diamond jewellery by cleaning them in the proper way. Besides, your diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces would not look as brilliant or sparkling if they are dirty or stained. In this article, we will look at the proper ways of how clean your diamond jewelries:

Detergent Bath

Use a gentle and chlorine free household detergent to prepare a bowl of warm suds. Brush your jewellery with a soft brush until lather forms around it. Place your jewelry in a strainer and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry it with a soft, fluff-free cloth.

Cold Water Soak

Mix 1 part of very mild dishwashing detergent and 4 parts of cold water, and then soak your jewellery for several minutes. Take them out and scrub gently using a soft brush. Dip them in the solution once more before drying them up with tissue paper.

Quick Dip Method

Purchase any of the brand name liquid jewelry cleaners. Ensure that you choose one which works best for the diamonds. Before using these cleaners, always read the label carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After cleaning your diamonds, do not touch them with your fingers as you will tinge them with layers of oil from your skin.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner

Presently, there are a wide range of these products available in the market. These machines have the ability to clean any piece of jewellery in a few minutes, as long as the piece of jewelry can be soaked in a liquid. Most of these machines consist of a metallic cup, which contains water and detergent. Whenever you power your machine on, a turbulence of high frequency is produced and your diamond jewelries are cleansed in the process. And since most of these cleaners are gentle enough, you can clean even the most delicate pieces of jewellery.

Additionally, owning one of these machines allows you to clean your diamond jeweleries faster and on a more regular basis, helping you maintain their best look. Before buying, consult your jeweler to find out the most suitable cleaning machine for your diamonds.

Water and Ammonia Solution

A mixture of one part ammonia and one part water can also be useful in cleaning your diamond jewelries. Ammonia has the ability to brighten metals and give them that extra luster. Another great alternative is ethyl alcohol. It works well because the alcohol evaporates fast and will not leave any spots behind

Mild Toothpaste

Apply the toothpaste on the jewelry, and then scour it off gently in cold running water using a soft toothbrush. However, most jewelers would not recommend this technique, as there is always the likelihood of nicking the jewelry. But if you still choose to use this method, the toothpaste has to be extremely low-abrasive and be careful not to drop your pieces of jewelry down the sink’s drain.

Whatever method you decide to use at home, always dip your jewellery in a tea infuser or rinse them thoroughly under running water after cleaning them. Use a furless cloth to dry them and store safely, preferably in a velvet-lined box. All diamond jewellery must be stored separately from other pieces of jewelry. When carrying them on a trip, store them in a specially designed case or jewellery roll.

The Jeweler’s Store

If you are too busy to try the above techniques at home, consider taking your pieces of diamonds to the jeweler’s store for professional cleaning and polishing. Search for the most credible and trustworthy stores where you can be guaranteed that a good job will be done.

More importantly, have your diamond jewellery professionally cleaned at least twice a year. This gives the jeweler the chance to inspect them and ensure that the stones are firmly secure and not in danger of falling off. Professional cleaning also helps to remove dirt and minute debris that regular home cleaning cannot.

Cleaning is the best way to preserve your pieces of diamond jewellery. If done properly, their sparkle and beauty can be maintained for years to come.

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