The HID or High Intensity Discharge lightning system includes two starters, two ballasts and two bulbs. The reason why many people prefer the HID light kits is because they can produce better lightning and as such many vehicle owners are now opting for this kind of kit. The installation of the HID light kit will completely remove the existing lightning system in your vehicle. However, it is not difficult to install the kit. The automobile will send the signal to the starter and then the starter will send the signal to the ballast.

Now the signal sent to the ballast will be intensified into a very high current signal and then it will forward the same to the bulb. Now, light will be created when the HID bulbs obtains the signal. Different salts and gasses are filled in the HID bulbs. Once the intensified power is obtained from the ballast, by the bulb, the gasses inside the bulb will be energized and this will produce a blue or white light.

It is a known fact that 2/3rd of those accidents that takes place in the night are due to low or poor lightning. The HID light kit will enhance the lightning system of your car drastically. The color range of these kits ranges from 3,000K – 10,000K. If the color range is very high then the light out put will be bluer. Generally, the ideal range of color is between 6000K and 8000K. You can choose any range that you like. These days, people who love cars are now getting more and more interested in HID light kits because these kits can provide excellent driving illumination at night.

If you are also interested in getting this kit for your vehicle and you wish to install it in your car then you will need to know the right way to get the installation done. When you have purchased the HID light kit, lay out the parts and then look for a mounting location for the starter and the ballast. It is important for you to ensure that the wiring from the starter and ballast as well as the bulb reach without being very tight. When you have found a mounting place, you should mount them firmly. You need to ensure that they are fastened to your car.

After you have done this, you should take out the halogen bulb from the housing of the headlight. Make sure you are wearing latex gloves for this purpose. Now unplug the plug from the bulb. You need take the same plug and then insert it into the starter. Now connect the starter with the ballast by using the plug and then slowly place the new bulb in to the housing of the headlight. Make sure that you are wearing latex gloves, as you should not touch the bulb with bare hands. Just like you took out the old bulb, you should insert the new bulb the same way. Now plug the ballast in to the bulb. You are all set!

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