How to Protect Your Skin from the Dry Winter Air and Keep it Healthy and Hydrated

It’s that time of the year… Hot cocoa and long, romantic walks in the snow. But, have you noticed that when the temperature drops, your skin becomes dryer than usual? It’s because winter air is dry and it absorbs the moisture from your skin.

And, when you add the heating systems in your home that dry up the air even more, you get really dry skin and painful cracks and scaling as the end result. So, how to protect your skin from the dry winter air and keep it healthy and hydrated? Easy, just follow the advice you read in this article.

Shorten Your Bath and Shower Times and Use Cooler Water

For those of you who didn’t know, hot water actually dehydrates your skin. So, during the winter, when the air is already “moisture thirsty” and damaging to your skin, having long, hot showers and baths is not a good idea. Instead, make them shorter and cut down on the heat of the water.

Also, a few drops of essential oil in the bath will help

If you want to improve your bath even more, besides making it shorter and cooler, you can add a few drops of essential oil. The ones that are well known for hydration include the following: clary sage, lemon, geranium, ylang-ylang, chamomile, peppermint, jasmine, and neroli.

Don’t Forget the After-Shower Body Oil

In order for your skin to replenish the moisture taken away by the dry air, besides essential oil drops in the bath, you need to use after-shower body oil as well. For example, one of the best choices would be the cocoa butter. Stay away from body-oils that are petroleum-based as they are unhealthy.

Also, if you want to achieve the full effect, use the oil, or butter, right after you get out of the water, while your skin is still damp. This way, you will make sure that the moisture stays trapped in the skin and doesn’t evaporate before being absorbed.


Yes, exfoliating is a great way to keep your skin healthy and smooth. But, since the dry air has already made your skin sensitive, you should not overdo with exfoliating. Once or twice a week will be enough to take off those dry dead cells and stimulate production of new, moisture rich, healthy cells.

Start Using a Humidifier

Besides making your cold or flu recovery periods much shorter, humidifiers also have on important role during the winter, they hydrate your skin. When you kind of think about it, it makes complete sense. The cold outside dries up the air, and the heating system takes away the remaining moisture from the air, and a humidifier is there to replenish the humidity.

So, if you want to stay away from cold and flu symptoms, and keep your skin healthy and hydrated, think about using a humidifier. A great place to get much more familiar with humidifiers, how to choose them and maintain them properly, is Humidifier Geek.

Stay Away from Alcohol-Based Skin Products

Yes, stay away from alcohol-based skin products. Why? Well, in case you didn’t know, alcohol dehydrates your skin instead of moisturizing it. Therefore, when your skin is already moisture depleted by the winter air, using alcohol-based product would do more harm than good.

Instead, carefully check the labels and look for skin and beauty products that are plant-based. For example, witch hazel is great for keeping your skin hydrated and smooth so give it a go.



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