In most peoples’ minds, the words “art” and “collection” are synonymous with “cash” and “money.” For this reason, many people often put off starting their own art collection of original art online because they are afraid it will somehow become more of an expensive hobby than they originally intended. Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say that collecting art is a hobby with a budget similar to that of kite flying (though some of those professional kites can cost more than you think). But starting an art collection is possible for those of us operating under somewhat tighter budgets. In fact, the time to start an art collection is now, as the value of what you purchase can and will appreciate over time. An undiscovered original painting purchased today could be part of a famous artist’s body of work tomorrow.

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Know thyself, know thy art. If you haven’t done this already, get yourself to some local art galleries, or search for original art online and figure out what turns you on and what leaves you hitting the snooze button. Are you attracted to the brilliant colors of larger-than-life photographs or are you enraptured by the textures of mixed media? Take notes, keeping track of colors, styles, and sizes that stop you cold and leaving you thinking. Try this several times at various galleries and on Zatista before making your first purchases.

Be clear about your intentions. Are you looking to make some cash on the side or to fill up some blank wall space? Know why you want to plunk down your dollars before you commit your time and money to something like an original painting.

Know where you plan to store your new treasures. It’s one thing to fall in love with a massive art installation. It’s quite another to try and fit it into a studio apartment in Brooklyn. If you don’t have a great deal of space to work with, start small. As your collection grows, you may decide to purchase gallery space alone or with a friend.

Decide what you can afford. There’s nothing fun about falling in love with a piece of art that you can’t afford. If you set some budgetary boundaries, you’re always end up playing on a fair field. That’s why on Zatista, there is the option to search by price of original art online, whether it be under one hundred dollars or over one thousand dollars.

Don’t pressure yourself. Just because you’ve decided to start an art collection doesn’t mean that you have to start buying right away. Galleries can be high pressure environments that often leave you feeling like you just went to bed with a used car salesman. If you like a specific piece, ask for information and then sleep on your decision. Unless your coveted piece is a one time offer (“only $ 9.99 plus shipping and handling if you call NOW!”), you’ll feel much better knowing that you’ve given the decision time to marinate. Of course, if you shop online, you can take your time deciding without having to worry about talking to any pesky gallery owners. Brilliant!

Complexity is a good thing. While complexity is a headache when it comes to tax returns, it’s a slam dunk in the world of art. When deciding on whether to purchase a piece of art for your new collection, make sure to consider complexity. A valuable piece of art is tireless, always offering a new viewpoint every time you come around the corner.

Take risks. One of the benefits of purchasing art from emerging stars is simple: you get the good stuff for a reasonable price before your artist rises to the top. If you see a piece you love but don’t recognize the artist yet, go with your gut. You may be the first to discover the next Sylvia Plimack.

Get inspired. Still don’t believe you have the financial chops to create a collection worth remembering? Check out the movie Herb & Dorothy if you need some inspiration. The film documents the true story of postal clerk Herb Vogel and his wife, librarian Dorothy Vogel, who together established one of the world’s best personal art collections without the help of a six figure budget. As mentioned above, the couple took risks, buying pieces from artists who had yet to establish themselves.

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