Probably nobody will argue with us if we say that hair rollers work the best for getting perfectly gorgeous curls, just like the cool hairstyles BeautyFrizz shows for inspiration. However, it is not always that we are lucky enough to get the kind of curls we want and we end up thinking, “Where did I go wrong?” To find the answer to this, and to many other questions concerning hair rollers, keep on reading.
Turns out, luck plays a little roll in getting flawless curls. It’s all about doing it right!
We should start of by saying that hair rollers are preferred to curling irons. This is due to several reasons. First, the curls we get by means of hair rollers last longer and have bigger volume. Second, hair rollers do not damage the hair.
Depending on the type and size of the curl you want to achieve, you are free to choose from different types of hair rollers. Large rollers are good for big waves. Small rollers are used for getting tighter curls.
We distinguish between different kinds of rollers: foam rollers, velcro rollers , magnetic rollers , hot rollers, wet set rollers, etc. If you are using hot rollers, you should first dry your hair with a root lifting spray. Use hairspray for velcro rollers to achieve higher volume.
Your hair should also be sectioned carefully while curling. The sections should neither be too wide (not wider than the roller), nor too thick (maximum two inches).
Another question which we always ask ourselves when using hair rollers is, “How long should I leave them in?” Well, it depends. Hot rollers should be left on hair until they have completely cooled down. Dry velcro rollers with a blow-drier, then let them cool for some 15 minutes. Take of wet set when the hair has completely dried.
To make the curls last longer, apply some hairspray. Use a smoothing serum to make the hair less frizzy.

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