How We Can Encourage Our Girls to Embrace Their Natural Selves

With so many perfect images displayed throughout social media, on TV, and in magazines, it’s little wonder that our younger generation has a hard time being content with who they really are.

Amidst the photoshopping, airbrushing and photos that are set up to capture the best angle, it’s difficult for a grown woman to feel confident about herself in the twenty-first century, let alone a teenage girl!

However, there is a lot that we can do for this next generation of girl’s, thus encouraging them to learn to love the person who they are and be comfortable with their own lifestyle. All it needs is for us to empower these girls and to educate them to see the difference between reality and what they see portrayed by the media.

Encourage Girls to Develop Their Own Individual Personality

If our teenage girls are going to feel continually empowered, they must feel confident in the body they already have. Once again, with so many well-known faces offering up makeup tutorials, the message sent to young girls these days is that the key to being happy in your skin is perfecting the perfect pout or eyeliner flick!

However, to achieve such contoured looks, this means sitting at the dressing table chair for a couple of hours at a time while you apply a face full of makeup, aiming for perfection. For those celebrities, they have all this done for them and are on show for many hours in a day. For an average teenage girl, this isn’t the case, and that’s a lot of time lost in a standard day, meaning less time to study, hang with friends and just enjoy living a teenage girl’s life.

You can help here by offering them ways to enhance beauty without makeup, encouraging them to develop their very own fashion sense and to develop their own personality – rather than use one which is already taken up by someone else. Explaining to our teenager girls that individuality is what sets us all apart and makes us unique can never be stressed enough.

Get Girls to Question What’s in Front of Them

When most teenager girls see a picture of their favorite celebrities or pop stars online, they immediately notice the clear complexion, flawless makeup, and shaped figure. But, for the wiser amongst us, this just isn’t reality. By encouraging teenagers to question how realistic this picture is we can start a conversation whereby they begin to understand the difference between what’s real and what’s digitally enhanced.

This also applies to the many people they know locally and have met in person who post the most immaculate of pictures on Facebook and Instagram, for example. How many times have we all seen someone post a picture of themselves posing in front of a near-perfect living room or bedroom – when we’ve been in that same spot many times and know this isn’t how it usually looks?

It’s entirely reasonable that people want to look good in their photos and this involves ensuring the background behind them is also visually attractive. After all, none of us want to look back in years to come and show our children and their children a messy past! However, by encouraging teenagers to identify with the reality behind the photo, they can quickly recognize that this isn’t necessarily how any of us live off camera!


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