Your Inner and Outer Beauty: Change the Way How Others Look at You by Following These 3 Strategies

The way that we view ourselves and the way that others view us rarely intersect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t better ourselves.

The way others see you is in two parts: your inner self and your outer self. Your inner self is your personality and the way you make people feel, while your outer self is your physical appearance.

People will almost always initially respond to your outer self-first, since they will not know your personality, and may never know it. It’s an unfortunate fact that more attractive people are often seen as more competent, intelligent, and trustworthy. While these findings may be highly inaccurate, it does make sense that people would feel more comfortable around people who are well groomed and look well kept in their appearance.

If you are looking for ways to improve your outer self, here are the top three ways that will have the largest effect:

Smell Better

 The smell of bad breath, BO, or dirty clothing is an immediate turn off for everyone. Our aversion to bad smells is based off our urge to protect ourselves from dirty or unsafe things and is something most people will not be able to overcome. Because of this, if you want people to be attracted to you or happy around you, it’s important that you make sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly, wash your clothes, and wear good deodorant.

If you are a smoker, you will be also faced with the smell of cigarette smoke clinging to your clothes and hair. Quitting will be the simplest way to get rid of this smell, but if you’re still struggling with quitting, try to smoke in a well-ventilated area (not in your car) and to brush your teeth afterwards. If you have an event to attend or a date to go in, you will most likely want to grab a quick shower and change your clothes to dissipate the stale smell.

Groom Better

Cleanliness is an important determining factor in how people see us. If you are not well groomed, people will not see you as positively. Clean nails, well-coiffed hair, and clean teeth are all part of the initial first impression that help people assess how they feel about you.

To keep yourself better groomed, wash and style your hair as often as needed, using conditioners to soften it if you have dry, treated hair. If you get your hair done, try to get it done regularly so that your roots don’t grow out.

If you suffer from yellow teeth, over the counter bleaching strips can be very effective.

If your skin suffers from scarring or acne, a consultation with a professional like those at may help put you on the path to clearer, healthier skin.

Dress Better

Dressing better does not mean dressing in more expensive clothes. What it actually means is finding clothing that suits you and fits you well. Getting a tailor may sound expensive, but they are surprisingly affordable for small tasks like hemming, bringing in dresses, or fixing suits. If you’re not certain how things are supposed to fit, there are many cheat sheets for dressing that show you how things should fit you.

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