The South Golf Course at La Manga Club was originally designed by Robert Putman in 1971. Since then the golf course has been subsequently redesigned by Arnold Palmer in 1992. From this remodel, the course was completely refurbished with maintenance during 2004 to ensure the course always provides the finest high standards. The championship golf course at La Manga Club is thought to be one of the more fairer challenges with a more classical design. This top calibre championship course provides an enjoyable but thorough test to both the professional and novice player.

Found located in the centre of the valley, the Golf Course at La Manga Club features water hazards on 15 of the 18 holes present. The wide palm tree lined fairways only feature few hidden dangers throughout the course.

La Manga Club Golf Course Description
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South Golf Course Hole 1: Par 4 – 379m (414 yards)
To begin the Golf Course at La Manga, this opening hole is straight into golf with one of the longest par 4s on the course. Playing slightly uphill the main focus from the tee off area is to try and avoid the large bunker present down the left hand side of the fairway. The fairway is also protected along the right hand side by water opposite the bunker. Golfers are required to take an aggressive line straight down the centre of the narrowing fairway for any chance of achieving a good score. Reaching the slightly elevated green can be a testing approach due to the bottom of the flag being obscured from sight. Green side bunkers are featured to the front right and back left with enough room to reach the green in an up and down fashion to save par.

Golf Course Hole 2: Par 3 – 168m (183 yards)
After the challenging first hole, the second is a short par 3 at just 168 metres from the yellow tee. With a stroke index of 18, this hole is officially the easiest of the South Golf Course at La Manga Club. Players are required to clear the green side bunkers when approaching the tee by carrying the ball 155 metres. Once the front edge of the green has been found, players must avoid the right hand side water hazard including the bunker to the rear of the green capturing the long shots. Players will have a great chance of saving par by reaching anything just short of the green.

Golf Course Hole 3: Par 4 – 346m (378 yards)
With play slightly uphill, this par 4 hole requires players to clear the left hand bunker on the fairway to reach an ideal position from the tee. With the landing area only 25 metres wide and a bunker to the right, players will need to take an accurate drive to avoid any hazards. The green is reachable from the fairway bunkers by carrying between 120 to 160 metres right to the putting surface. Players out of position may be tempted to lay up due to three green side bunkers. With a good drive most players with a medium iron approach should find their selves in the middle of the fairway. This hole requires a good short game to achieve par.

Golf Course Hole 4: Par 5- 443m (484 yards)
The first of the par 5 holes, at 443 metres this also requires accuracy in the drive from the tee off area to avoid the hazardous fairway bunkers down the left hand side. The fairway also features a larger right hand side bunker with water present to capture any straying drives to the right. The longer golfers will hope to leave an approach of under 200 metres to the green to try for par. The water hazard protecting the front of the green results in players needing to be fully committed with their approach onto the putting surface in two. With no bunkers present players should not have a problem with the green where the opportunity to secure a birdie is available.

Golf Course Hole 5: Par 3 – 177m (194 yards)
This par 3 hole 5 of the South golf course at La Manga Club features out of bounds areas to the left hand side running down the fairway. Players will also discover the right hand side presents a water hazard. A solid tee shot enables golfers to find the green with ease. The green has a large bunker protecting the front right but the steep slope could leave players with a blind pitch.

Golf Course Hole 6: Par 5 – 515m (563 yards)
This par 5 hole is played conservatively; with a stroke index of two most players should be able to reach the green with a small challenge of surpassing the fairway bunkers down the left and right hand sides. The second shot is one of the most important to set you up for the rest. Aggressive play requires a lay up between the fairway bunker and the water, but with the fairway at only 20 metres wide, players will need to be accurate with their approach to the green. Due to the green side bunkers found, golfers should aim to reach the middle or the rear of the green and settle for a two putt shots to secure par.

Golf Course Hole 7: Par 4 – 349m (382 yards)
The ideal route through this dog leg right is via a decent drive avoiding the pine trees to the left whilst the right is narrowed by a fairway bunker positioned down the right hand side. Once golfers have found the fairway, a straight forward short iron will find their selves at the green. The green itself is protected by a small bunker to the front right, but any players who miss the green from approach are recommended to make an up and down to try and save par.

South Golf Course Hole 8: Par 4 – 337m (368 yards)
This is the penultimate hole of the front 9 on the La Manga Club South golf course. As a slight dog leg left, this par 4 hole demands an accurate drive from the tee. Players may wish to play this hole in an aggressive fashion to try for par, but those who are looking after their score card may wish to play safe by finding the fairway from a shorter drive off the tee. Taking a long drive will reward the daring golfer with a short iron approach. The heavily protected green features three bunkers from the left running to the right, covering the whole front of the green.

South Golf Course Hole 9: Par 5 – 472m (489 yards)
This id the final hole of the front nine and at par 5 this dog leg left is a great way to finish the ninth hole. The ideal route from the tee is to cut the corner taking an aggressive drive over the left side fairway bunker. By taking a strong confident drive carrying over 210 metres, golfers will pass over the bunker to find the fairway. With just under 200 metres to the green the longer player will be able to take on the green in two. However being a heavily protected with green side bunkers, there is very little room for straying shots.

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