Laser Facelift: The Facts, Benefits, Costs and Risks

There are a lot of skincare products that promise effective and positive results for ageing women who are experiencing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. There are also beauty routines composed of various skincare products that when combined, give women smooth, glowing, and youthful skin.

However, not all women experience the time and luxury to find the perfect products for their skin or have the time to religiously follow a routine day and night. More importantly, not all women have the resources for products that have a 50% chance of giving them results they need.

Furthermore, usage of these products must also be maintained. Thus, they can really take a toll on your wallet and your time. Surgical facelift would also cost even more and also sounds quite scary if you’re not yet familiar with how cosmetic surgeries work. Putting on makeup daily to hide these lines and wrinkles can also be expensive and time-consuming. Plus, it can irritate your skin and make it more worn-out.

How else would women who want to look wrinkle-free and youthful get the chance to experience what they want?

Luckily for these women, there is a solution called laser facelift, which is also well-known for its other name which is laser skin tightening.

What is Laser Facelift and How Does It Work?

Laser facelift is a procedure that doesn’t involve any surgery. If you’re scared of your face’s skin being peeled off and all that a facelift surgery involves, this is the answer to your need for a wrinkle-free and youthful skin without having to follow a routine or buy a set of products.

In this procedure, what is used instead is an infrared light which tightens the skin. This is because it heats the collagen under the skin, thus causing it to contract and remove wrinkles and lines. Additionally, it also induces natural collagen production which is what the skin needs to become healthy and youthful.

There’s also no need for women, and even men, to doubt this kind of procedure because it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. If you’re also worried about the sagging skin on your neck or on other parts of your body, this procedure is also applicable to those areas.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Laser facelift has minimal to zero pain which makes it a popular choice among many individuals. Perhaps the only pain which you feel during the procedure is the heat. However, practitioners will ease this minor discomfort by a cool blast of hair from the same hand piece where the heat also comes from. It also keeps the epidermis from getting burned. Apart from that, patients may also feel a very mild sting. However, these small pains will be immediately resolved minutes after a session.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Non-Invasive – Like what we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t require cutting and opening your skin. Just picture how that would like. Even with all the anesthesia, you’d be terrified to think your skin is being peeled off of your face.

2. Works Deep – Laser facelift works deeper into your skin and stimulates your collagen unlike invasive surgeries which only work on the first layer of your skin.

3. Less Downtime – Since its effects are immediate, there’s no need for you to take a few days off work to heal and recuperate unlike in surgeries where you have to take weeks off to let your skin heal. Thus, you can get back to work even a day after the procedure!

4. Less Pain – As we mentioned before, the only discomfort you will feel is the heat and slight stings which are easily eased. More importantly, it’s temporary and will be gone after your session.

5. Longer – Lasting – The effects of laser facelift will last for at least two months as new collagen will also develop. However, you may need to go back for follow up treatments to get the best results and to ensure your skin isn’t getting any bad reactions from the treatments.

What Are The Risks

Like any other procedure, there are risks in laser facelift. Some risks that can be experienced after are swelling, redness, bumps, blisters, change in pigment, and getting depressions in the skin. When these happen, it’s important to immediately go back to your doctor to alleviate the discomfort and treat the scars. Reports of incidents of these risks however are very rare.


The procedure is fairly safe for most women and men of different skin tones as long as they are in good health. Those who are prone to breakouts, have skin cancers and other skin conditions, however, should consult with doctors. Pregnant women are also not allowed to take this procedure to the exposure to laser.

How Much Will It Cost

The cost for the procedure will depend on the size of the area. The average range of costs is between 500 to 5,000 USD. This is generally a more affordable price than invasive surgeries. It’s also more efficient than having to spend for many cosmetic and beauty products that will last for a month or two at most if you use them daily.                        

A Treatment Worth Trying

If you’re tired of trying out different products and not getting any results, this treatment is something you should consider trying. It has a lot of benefits, from being less painful, non-invasive, more affordable, more instant, and long-lasting. You can also take the procedure for other areas that need a good lift like your neck. While it may have risks, you shouldn’t worry about experiencing them if you are healthy in general and do not have any skin conditions and have sought the service of professional doctors and dermatologists. You will also be able to save from having to buy a ton of products and experimenting which one works and which will cause you allergies.

Have you decided on taking the laser facelift for a more youthful and smoother skin?

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