Laser Hair Removal

Choices are almost always good. We love having a choice in everything we do. Whether it is the kind of vehicle we want to be seen in, the clothes we adorn ourselves with, the people we hang out with, even the cuts of meat we desire the most- choice matters. But sometimes, no matter how many choices we have, the trouble of the process is never eliminated. Take the case of hair removal.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, hair removal may be something you need to do- a hairy back, a bushy eyebrow, legs and arms not ready for a day on the beach, a visible hair line on the stomach. In such times, we resort to any of the many choices we have- we go in for tweezing, waxing, threading, creams and devices, all in order to be hair-free. Some techniques are better than others, less painful, less expensive, longer lasting results, but all of them come with their own set of issues. If you’ve had to deal with burns because of too-hot wax, ingrown hairs which hurt to touch, bumps on the skin that don’t disappear even with ice, then you’ll know what we mean. Most importantly, the hair removal is not a permanent solution and hair does grow back quickly- sometimes even overnight.

The Fool Proof Choice

So is there a choice that’s virtually fool-proof? There is. And it’s called laser hair removal. No matter the region where you want the laser treatment done- upper or lower body, or face, you can find a package that’s competitively priced and that works for you. Finance options are available in reputed laser treatment spaces, like London Premier Laser, and you can sometimes save up to 45 % on the amount you spend.

Not For Women Only

Laser treatment is not just for women. Men may find that they could do with some help on the back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and even face. Six to eight sessions of laser treatment can help them achieve this. Women may be keen on removing hair from the underarms, the bikini and anal areas, or the navel line that’s often visible. They too can find good deals to help them go through the treatment process.

Precision That Lasts

One of the benefits of laser treatment is its precision. The laser pulse targets only the hair follicle, leaving the rest of the skin around it, intact. It works especially well with dark, rough hair and on fair skin. And it doesn’t harm tattoos or moles on the skin surface either. Since the treatment goes at the rate of less than a second per follicle, you can be done pretty quickly if it’s say, the jawline or between the eyebrows. It will take more time when it comes to legs and arms.

Do make sure that you don’t do anything to the hair (waxing, shaving, etc.) for at least a month and a half before you go for your first session. Also, stay out of the sun, before and after the process. Easy, quick and almost painless- no wonder then that laser hair removal is one of the most routinely practiced cosmetic procedures in the world.

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