Once you step out of your house, the first thing people would notice would be your face. That’s why we put on makeup, so that we’re able to control how the world would see us. Women become more confident, more outgoing, or at the very least, more willing to tackle the day ahead. But the makeup look you wear usually remains the same for long periods of time, and changing it up feels weird or wrong because you’ve been accustomed to that look. The people around you know you with that perfectly put-on face.

It’s exciting and refreshing at first, but the longer you’ve been wearing that look, the more it feels like a boring routine. Again, you might want to consider updating your look, at least in the shades you use or the slight curve in your eyebrows. But if you think that’s still too much of a change for you, perhaps you might want give eyelash extensions a try. Update and enhance any of your makeup looks by getting eyelash extensions. It’s there, but the change you made won’t really be drastic, yet it really accentuates your eyes which are generally you most beautiful feature!

So why does it work?

1. It works well even with the barely-there makeup look. If you’re the type to always rush in the morning, be it for chores, for work, or for dates, you’ve probably mastered the barely-there makeup look. You just choose certain areas to highlight, like your cheekbones and lips, and not go full contour. Having eyelash extensions is perfect for this, because you don’t have to worry about putting it on along with your other cosmetics, and because it almost always improve your look. Yes, you might look a bit pale, or have some eye bags after bingeing on Netflix last night, but hot dang, your eyelashes are long and full and perfect.

How To Level Up Your Makeup Look With Eyelash Extensions

2. It draws attention to one of your most underrated assets: the eyes. There’s really no bad shape, size, or color of the eyes. You hear it from songs, or from flirtatious compliments. “Oh I love your big brown eyes!” “Your blue eyes are captivating!” “Your deep, dark eyes perfectly complements my soul!” And so on. Now imagine having something in your face that easily draws the gaze of another person directly to your eyes. In a way, that’s what eyelash extensions do. The full, evenly-sized eyelashes perfectly frames your eyes, so no matter what size, shape, or color it is, others can’t help but notice them. They also don’t overpower your eyes’ natural features. Unlike when you put on too much mascara, or the eye shadow you chose for the day doesn’t really match the lighting of the restaurant. You simply can’t go wrong with eyelash extensions.

How To Level Up Your Makeup Look With Eyelash Extensions

3. You forget that it’s there, and it makes you feel and act more natural. Depending on what you do for the day, eyelash extensions usually last anywhere between 10 days to almost a full month. Getting your lashes filled up is really a good investment, especially if you don’t do a lot of physical activities on your day job (or party too much at night). Because of that, you almost always forget that you have them on until you look at the mirror or your colleague compliments how perfect they look. And because it feels natural as days go by, you act more natural. You learn to bat your lashes with gusto, and the casual wink or smize becomes more intense from the perspective of the receiver. You learn to live with your eyelash extensions, and you learn to see them as powerful assets.

Getting eyelash extensions is worth it, to say the least. Not only does it enhance your makeup look, but it also becomes a “natural” part of your facial features. So if you are thinking about updating your look, but you don’t know where to start, girl, don’t hesitate to give lash extensions a try – even if it’s just for an event like a wedding. I can almost guarantee they’ll become part of your monthly routine.

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