Makeup Magic

In the right hands, makeup is a little bit like magic. It helps transform you into who you want to be. With a pallet of colors and a bevy of brushes, you can change your look from day to night. From spring to summer and fall to winter, beauty trends evolve with the seasons. Some trends, however, are beautiful all year long. Follow these makeup tips for classic beauty trends that are always on point.

Makeup Magic

Smoky Eye

The smoky eye is stunning. Beauticians know the key to achieving sexy smoky eyes – and not scary raccoon eyes – lies in tailoring the technique to the eye shape.

For a basic smoky eye, first apply a black kohl pencil across the bottom and top eyelids. Let the eyeliner meet at the waterline, unless you have close-set eyes. Then, line the top lids again and smudge the line as you go to the outer edges. With a stiff brush or your finger, smudge the bottom liner out and up in a winged shape. Finish the look with a sweep of a golden eye shadow to complement your eye shape. Keep the shadow light and low for deep-set eyes, but sweep the shadow higher up for eyes with creases.


Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner creates an eye-popping aesthetic, but mastering the cat eye trend can be a challenge. Replicating the same the width, length and curve from the left eye to the right eye takes planning and practice. For professional perfection, plot first, line second. With a nude liner, draw a dot on the outside of each eye to map where the winged lines will end. For dramatic wings, plot the dots below the brow edges. With a crayon eyeliner, simply line from the inside corner of the eye out and up to the dot. Draw the line heavier closer to the outer edge of the eye.

Makeup Magic

Nude Lip

Nude lips are the perfect match for bold eye makeup, but going nude can be scary. Skin care professionals, such as estheticians, know the secret to alluring nude lips is pampering. Exfoliate and hydrate the lips so they are soft and smooth underneath the nude color. Then, line the lips with a beige pencil to create the allusion of a fuller mouth. Finish the look a nude lipstick or gloss. To prevent the lips from looking too pail, pick a color with a hint of pink.

Become a Beauty Pro

If creating magic with makeup is your passion, make it your career. The number one beautician school in the United States, Marinello Beauty School, offers a choice of rewarding programs. The Cosmetology program is ideal for a well-rounded education in hair, nails, skincare, makeup and salon management. Stay current with the latest skincare and makeup trends in the Esthetician program at Marinello Beauty School. Through hands-on training in facials, makeup and eyebrow beautification, the Esthetician program prepares students for careers in salons and spas. If Hollywood is calling your name, sign up for the Marinello Beauty School Theatrical Makeup program. This short-term course teaches students how to use special effects makeup to make the characters on the page come to life on stage and screen.

Every course at Marinello Beauty School equips students with real-word, hands-on training, taught by recognized experts. Marinello Schools of Beauty has 59 convenient locations, offering flexible class schedules, plus financial aid to those who qualify. For over 100 years, Marinello Beauty School has been the leader in the beauty industry, helping thousands of students turn their love of makeup into exciting careers.


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