Celebrities are often famous for their good sense of fashion and what they wear can become hot trends for others to follow. However, they sometimes appear at important events or on streets with the outfits that seem to be considered as disastrous styles. Some beauties like Katie Price, Laura Ashley, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears are named in the “Worst Trends Ever” list released by Glamour magazine.


Furry Boots

Katie Price, glamour girls and 90s club kids are among typical followers of the fashion disaster called furry boots. Although this footwear may look fluffy and fairylike, it can make your feet dirty and straggly in wet days.


Katie Price


Floral Leggings

Laura Ashley seems to be very self-confident to wear floral leggings though they look inappropriate to her some moments in this summer. The outfit made famous fashion designers burst into tears.


Laura Ashley


Leggings Worn As Trousers

Leggings are favorable trend for some female celebrities this year when they come back to the world fashion. Unfortunately, these famous people forget an important thing that the cotton numbers aren’t actually trousers.


Leggings are worn as trousers


Super Skinny Jeans…On Men

Kate Moss plays an important role in making super-skinny drainpipe jeans become wearable trend for any women. However, the style also disturbs menswear fashion because some male celebrities confidently dress it when they appear on streets.


Whether the super skinny jeans are suitable for this man?


Platform Sneakers

About ten years ago, deep and platform heels, which the Spice Girl Band wore, used to one of the hot trend and attracted thousands of followers. However, people now feel funny if they look at the footwear again.


Five beautiful members of Spice Girls


Double Denim

If you look at the photo capturing Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in denim, you may know reasons why the traditional Texan Tuxedo really isn’t okay.


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake


Bare Midriffs

Wearing the outfits that show off bare midriff is very common in fashion styles of both female celebrities and teenagers. However, it is inappropriate when people appear at important events or on the red carpet with this trend.


Britney Spears



Crocs are ultra-comfortable and very good for your feet. so over 100 million people have bought a pair. However, we cannot deny that they are just ugly.


Do you really want to wear the same shoes as George W. Bush?




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Louis Brown lives in California, where he enjoys writing articles on a variety of subjects, especially lifestyle. By trade, he is a user interface designer.

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