Petite women have to consider more things than average sized women when they are choosing fashion items and jewelry. They know that what they wear can emphasize their size much more easily than an average body size. This is why it is common and in all respects advisable for women with petite frames to wear mostly monochrome dresses. This works well if they match their tights or whichever stockings they chose. So the big question here is how to buy clothing and jewelry gifts for small-bodied ladies. Getting someone clothes and jewellery that spell out a coherent look always works the trick.

Get jewelry that looks great with dark coloured clothes

Petite women should stick to dark colours since the colours always recede and give someone a leaner look. Therefore, buy for them jewelry that looks great with dark coloured clothes. Silver and platinum alongside diamonds works great. The necklaces should be sparkling since the colours being worn are dark. However, do not feel shy about prices because it does not always mean that you can take out your whole pay check just to get silver and platinum alongside diamonds for a friend. There are affordable prices for the same looks, only this time the jewelry involves imitation diamonds and sterling silver. Imitation diamonds cost amazingly less than real ones.

Consider bracelets and rings

Normally petite women do not like to wear necklaces, since these necklaces could make them look shorter. There are other tricks to tweak the monochrome feel. This includes wearing a scarf of the favourite colour and instead of the necklace. For those petite women who wear scarf, a nice shiny bracelet or ring will do. Clip on earrings can also go with the colour flow chosen. When someone does this, she is able to have the dark colour hide the petite aspect of her looks while the other flattering colours and shines come from the jewelry she wears. They end up looking taller than she really is and she still looks lean without having a dull black taking centre stage.

The main focus of a petite lady is to give a sense of proportion to her figure. Nobody should have the intention that her legs are too short or too long compared to her body. Therefore, watches necklaces and earrings give people an impression that the body is proportionate because they draw attention to the neck, hands and ears.

No more than 3 pieces to wear

When you buy the jewelry gifts, in most cases you will see great offerings of a set of jewelry that is designed to be worn together. The jewelry set often includes at least one piece of necklace and one pair of earrings. Three pieces are just fine since the combination does not overwhelm the body. Having jewellery in 4 places will again ‘shrink’ someone and create a more boxed feel to how someone looks.

Petite women prefer to have several smaller bangles and bracelets. The single and wider bracelets are for women with full figures. These all show a better proportion to the body. If there is a friend who loves bangles and bracelets, then it is better to buy a set of bracelets as gift items instead of choosing one wide bangle that has the ability to make fingers look shorter, which is something not comfortable for petite women.

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