When you hear the name Ralph Lauren, do you automatically envision the stylish and classic clothing that is worn by celebrities and the average person alike? We do. But we also think of the classic lines of their sunglasses. Made with high quality material that fits any type of face, Ralph Lauren sunglasses are an accessory that is beautiful, elegant, and a very good investment of your money.

Ralph Lauren built his fashion house from scratch on the streets of the Bronx. In 1967 he launched his line of Polo ties which was very quickly followed by his quality clothing line that ranged from casual dress to red carpet dresses for actresses and celebrities. Men’s and women’s clothing became iconic, and the company even released a line of home décor and linens to soothe their customers need for their logo’d product. When you wear anything made by this fashion house, you exude confidence and reflect high society even if you’re not. The fashion house is known for their resistance to caving in to the fashion trends of the day, and this is another example of how timeless the RL brand really is.

Made of plastic or metal with a spring hinge on the arm, Ralph Lauren sunglasses are available in natural colours as well as trendier selections that appeal to the younger generation. Each pair of RL sunglasses are UV-400 rated and they come in wraps, ovals, squares, ribbons, and Aviator frames. Mirror finishes, gradient lenses, and polarised lenses are all available in the RL sunglasses line.

Always make sure your Ralph Lauren sunglasses are authentic by looking for the company’s logo. Remember that there are numerous collections to choose from and the logo will be placed accordingly. If you want high quality sunglasses, expect to pay between $ 80 and $ 280 for a pair of sunglasses from the RL collection. The RALPH collection of sunglasses ranges from $ 52 to $ 62 and the Polo Jeans Co. collection come in at $ 24 to $ 40. Iconic, affordable, and fashionable, Ralph Lauren sunglasses are one way to state your tastes and your attention to quality products.

And the fact that they look pretty dang hot when you’re wearing them.

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