Reasons for falling in love with Hermes

What time we recognized with Hermes scarf and the understanding of Hermes and also hermes birkin is through Victoria. Beckham, regardless of the size of occasions, she walked his maverick style of dress, side always has a sign of Hermes briefcase, this old bag, in Victoria’s side to start a new fashion Road. If the routine with a to Fun Retro CHIC, then let us begin from the understanding of Hermes.


Brands story: Hermes as a Protestant family that year, to escape religious persecution, his family moved to Germany Crefeld.Therry. Hermes 20-year-old that year went to Paris to make a living, until 1837, he was able to set up a busy Madeleine region His first saddle and harness shop. Princess of Monaco to the famous name of “Ji Li” Bags (Kelly bag), to the famous French actress Jane. Birkin bag named Parkinson (Birkin? Bag), “sac a Depeches” briefcase, calendar notebook, “Chained’Ancre” Ms. anchor bracelet and riding equipment are legendary for the great Hermes. After World War II, Hermes orange gift box has passed the trademark, logo ribbon and spread the universal carriage.


How to identification Hermes:

1. Carriage patterns: it is Hermes started operating horse with a long history and tradition of fine quality symbol, usually only within a product inconspicuous place to see.

2.Hermes capitalization signature: carriage patterns often appear together, if not appear together, he will usually be placed by deduction or the surface, the following line in small print-Paris.

3. The third is the “H” shape. In recent years, often the products, such as “H-our” watches surface modeling, and men and women slippers on.

Started to manufacture high horse with the Hermes is known as “women’s vision of forever.” Elegant form with the horses for the creative origin of Hermes, in the experience of 168 years of development, has become a high fashion leather goods are respected. The pursuit of perfect quality, Hermes types of leather are used limited production, hand-made models, especially Kelly Bag (Kelly bag) and the Birkin bag (hermes birkin) for its top representative works. Many famous lovers, lifelong greatest wish was to have a Kelly Bag. At that time, pregnant Grace. Kelly (Grace Kelly) Princess, in order to hide the growing bulge in the belly, bought the largest size of the Hermes bag (then still called the Kelly Bag), the details are America’s “Life” magazine catch, its published on the cover of the box lace. Princess Kelly which took a large size crocodile leather bag, leaving it pregnant body pictures, showing generous refinement

This memorable photo. Hermes set off a wave, and from which bags will be changed to Kelly, and be famous in the world. Of course, Kelly? Bag superior technology is the main reason handed down, and is the world’s limited sales. To customize a treasure of Hermes Zhendian reputation of the Kelly Bag. Need to wait months or even years of time, because of his every piece of leather, must go through multiple steps to address the complex. Each package are manufactured craftsman’s mark, regardless of repair or maintenance, by the same craftsmen responsible. Such a stringent production process. It is one of the reasons formal expansive. Manufactured after 1970, Kelly? Bag, all have a unique representation in the strap, the record the specific information of the package. Among the letters on behalf of workshops for the production of the year after, the final number represents the manufacture of craftsmen. When you need repairs, they turn back to the artisans handle number. Kelly Bag major design: slightly trapezoidal, two-buckle design, accompanied by a short semi-circular handles, the same as the Crescent Moon; materials including high leather; size diversity (at some 28 cm, 32 cm and 35 cm three models).




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