Why Should You Replace Your Old Bedding with a Puffy Mattress for Overall Wellbeing?

For anyone who wants to live a healthy and productive life, a good night’s sleep is essential. Sleep matters a lot, not only to kids but for the youngster and old alike to stay active during morning hours. A recent study among younger Americans had shown that 6 out of 10 crave for sleep over sex.

In fact, on feeling sleepy, one can sleep anywhere you get a space to straighten your back. But the quality of sleep is essential, which relies a lot of on the quality of the bedding you use. People know this fact, but many out of them hardly do anything to improve the quality of their life by upgrading their mattress.

Damages caused by an old mattress

You should know that the average life of the old-styled mattress, which many of us may be still using, is about five years. An old mattress may have many adverse health implications other than impaired sleep. The impact of a poor performing mattress may range from back pain or neck ache to allergies and weight gain. Let’s discuss some of these in detail.

  • Increased stress level

There are many reasons for increased stress as the tension at the job, imbalanced personal or family life, and it is also proven that a bad mattress may supplement to this condition and make it worse. A sample study conducted for 60 people by letting them sleep on their old mattress for 15 days and then changed to appropriate new mattresses for another 15 days. The result had shown an obvious change in the stress levels. This happens so when you can get a coupon to change your mattress easily and cost-effectively.

  • Allergies

With use over time, dust mites and bugs get accumulated and pushed deeper into the mattress foam. They feed themselves the dead cells falling out of your body and build colonies inside your mattress. WebMD research had shown that more than 20-million Americans are suffering from bed bug allergies, which in turn means that they are affected by old mattresses.

  • Body aches and pains

Majority of the elderly Americans are suffering from back and neck ache types of systems, which primarily occur due to poor sleeping postures, caused by old deformed mattresses. Not getting a good night sleep can further worsen the condition. The condition is reported more by those who haven’t changed their mattresses even after five years.

  • Weakening the immune system

As discussed above, sleeping on outdated mattress limits the quality of sleep, which may further weaken your immune capacity. It is found that people who sleep on old mattresses frequently get cold, fever, and other types of sicknesses easily.

Even though not directly causing it, old and damaged mattresses may further lead to heart diseases, obesity, neurotic symptoms, memory loss and several other conditions directly associated with sleep health and well-being.

New model mattresses are there in plenty to supplement efficiently to the needs of various types of individuals. It is not difficult if you plan to replace your mattress. However, this should be done with due diligence to assess the advantages and disadvantages of various models and to get the one suiting best to your preferences and comfort.

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