Many people believe that the icy depths of the sea in northwestern Russia don’t have many things to discover as well as capture by scientists and nature photographers. However, despite the freezing water of the sea, the marine biologist Alexander Semenov has dived into the sea and taken the images of many different beautiful monsters. It took two years for Alexander to create the bizarre collection, including the photos of the bright pink skeleton shrimp, the weird sea angel, and the odd sea butterfly, a type of snail and many other amazing creatures. Let’s enjoy the beauty of small creatures in Alexander’s photo collection below:

This is an attractive image of a skeleton shrimp. The shrimp is showing its pincers and antennae. It seems to be a male because it has an elongated head.


This swimming predatory marine sea nail is called “sea butterfly” because it has two wings derived from the foot help. These “wings” allow them to swim continually through the water.

This marine worm uses its bristles to move around the water


The photo is about a cousin to corals and sea anemones


This beautiful creature is called sonic hedgehog of the sea


You are looking a Ragworm, also known as King Ragworm photographed by Alexander Semenov. This particular specimen is showing its mouthparts. Fishermen often use this creature as bait.


A small sea slug is swimming through the -2°C waters. This creature is also called with a beautiful name “sea angel”


This marine worm is fluorescing. These small worms are brightly colored. Each segment in their body has a pair of limb-like appendages which help them to move


This Polychaete marine worm is made up of segments. It is displaying a startling blue flash


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