Getting married is a hugely exciting but also stressful time for anyone; as all the preparations come together in the few months leading up to the big day you should prepare to make the most important purchase of them all, your wedding dress. A lot of people think that choosing a wedding dress should be easy, with there being so many wonderful designs to choose from, but it’s not as simple as you might first think. There are so many different styles of wedding dress, and a lot of factors go into choosing the right one for you:
The style of dress that you choose may depend on the destination of your wedding, the time of year and the formality of it too; there are five main dress styles available – there are some other less common ones available too.
An A-line dress, has no fitted waist. The dress flows from top to bottom with vertical seams that accentuate the length of the gown. As the dress flows to the ground the skirt flares and an ‘A’ shape is created – hence the reason it’s known as an A-line dress. This style of dress is great for any figure but it is particularly good at hiding bigger tummies.
Ball gowns tend to be associated with princesses like Cinderella as they’re usually quite formal yet flamboyant. This type of dress has a fitted body – usually in a corset style – and a very full and wide skirt to match the style of the bodice. Ball gowns look great sleeveless, with half sleeves or full sleeves, they really are that versatile. Again, this is a dress that will look good on anyone, but it is a particular lifesaver if you’ve got big hips and thighs.
Empire gowns have a higher waistline that starts just under the bust; it’s similar to the A-line style in the way that it flows over the hips, flaring slightly at the floor. This really is a dress that flatters every figure.
The mermaid style of wedding dress is considered to be the sexiest design; this type of dress is completely fitted against the body and it flares out slightly at the knees. This is a dress that anyone can wear but you have to feel confident about your body if you’re going to pull it off.
Finally, the sheath style of dress doesn’t leave room for many flaws, so if you have things you’d rather cover up – as most people do – then this dress is not for you. This dress is also known as the column dress as it is straight up and down against the body; because of this it elongates the figure making it great for people who are a little shorter.
Article written by Isla Griffin who recommends for wedding dresses.

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