Stunning Ways to Keep Your Summer Style Year Round

When we think of our summer style, it is usually carefree and relaxed. The fabrics are lighter, and our look is probably a bit leaner and we likely have a glow whether it be from spending time outdoors or just engaging in more lighthearted fun. This is because, during summer, we can get to enjoy spending time outdoors and without worrying about the weather or any other weather-related factors. There is no denying that a well-chosen summer look can be one of the most appealing looks of the entire year. Maintaining this look is sometimes challenging, especially since different weather patterns requires many different looks. By making a few out of the ordinary choices, you can easily maintain your summer look and have a unique sense of style.

Use a Great Tanning Oil

Tanning has been a popular trend since when one of the most famous designers, Coco Chanel introduced it as a trend into the fashion scene. This occurred after she spent too much time in the sun while traveling on a yacht in between Cannes and Paris. Since that time, tanning has become one of the best ways to show off a summer look. While you want to practice safety with the sun, there is an appeal to having a sun kissed glow. The consumer market is packed with several types of products that can be used to achieve the ideal tan. These products are also available in different packaging, fragrances, and brand companies. Tanning oil provides moisture while giving you that magic glow and some sun protection as well.

Exercise Regularly

Keeping a fit and toned physique allows you to walk confidently in clothing that emits summer style. While sometimes looser fitting, there is generally less coverage to summer looks, so having a body that you feel good in will help you to shine. With regular maintenance, your body will benefit from not only mental well-being, but physical as well. We know that rushing to get bathing suit season ready is never a good – or easy – idea, so keep up with your health year-round.

Eat Right

Equally important to consider when it comes to maintaining your summer look year-round is eating well. You want to have the appropriate diet since this plays a major factor in your overall summer glow and body appearance. More so, the food you consume plays an equally vital role in the glow of your skin. Eating well is mainly about watching what you eat and trying to stick to a diet made up mostly of whole foods. You are what you eat is very true, and if you eat well, you’ll glow from the inside out. We tend to eat heavier during colder months, which may mean worker harder to lose that winter weight when the spring thaw hits. It is best to maintain a healthy diet year-round so that you don’t succumb to the yo-yo world of weight gain and loss.

Accessorize with Summer Style

Since the seasons of the year bring on temperature changes and therefore wardrobe changes, we must adapt to maintain our lifestyle. While we are not suggesting sandals in the snow, you can keep a lighter summer sweater or scarf on hand for heated indoor environments. Be sure to keep bright and bold colors in constant rotation of what you wear. While darker fabrics may suit the season, you can bring your own bit of sunshine to the day with the color choice you make. Resort wear tends to come out in the winter months so that we can best prepare for spring and summer travel. Keep an eye out for a look that you can wear all year.   And don’t forget that layering can make a summer specific outfit easily adapted to the cooler months.

Stunning Ways to Keep Your Summer Style Year Round

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