Millennial shoppers have spurned a rise in a minimalist hipster culture, one wherein shoppers look to get more out of purchasing less and expect less to also include a greater amount of swagger. The spike in traditional safety razor shaving is at least one cottage niche market that has flourished because of this millennial mantra. But apart from greater swagger, there are several stylish reasons to consider switching to a more traditional safety razor over today’s expensive cartridge razor alternatives. And listen ladies, this applies to you too.

What is a traditional safety razor?

Invented and patented by King Camp Gillette at the turn of the last century, the safety razor has been an American mainstay for over 100 years. In its day, the safety razor represented a major leap forward in shaving technology, design and function. Unlike its predecessor, the safety razor was not a metal, single blade razor that required regular sharpening by using a barber strop.

Stylish Reasons to Switch to a Safety Razor Shave

And unlike today’s multiblade cartridge razors, the safety razor included only a single solitary blade fashioned to the head of a metal razor handle. It was the ultimate tool for scraping off the daily fuzz.

Because the blades were disposable, it meant there was no need to learn the skill (yes, there is a skill) of stropping a straight razor. And, while not quite as safe as today’s cartridge counterparts, a safety razor was leaps and bound better at protecting against unwanted nicks and cuts than a straight razor.

How can your daily shave stylishly benefit?

When you shave with a safety razor, you friends will not know the difference. The style differences comes in the bathroom itself. A quality safety razor has a weight and heft you can truly feel. The rest of the style also comes from the pre-shave preparation. For instance, in true wet shaving style, the shaver will lather with pre-shave oil and then use a wet shaving brush to slake on the shaving cream or soap of his or her choice.

Almost any expert in male grooming and style will tell you there is a big difference between your traditional soaps and creams used in wet shaving with a safety razor and a can of cream purchased from your local drug store. No, in true safety razor shaving fashion, there is a much more nostalgic feel and style that comes from using a shave brush in a bowl to create a heavy, creamy lather. Those that do this on a daily basis, can and will also attest to the great smell of some of the highest-end shaving products.

More importantly shaving with a safety razor is also more economical and environmentally friendly. That’s a style almost anyone can get around. Typical cartridge razor blade replacements can run from $2 to $4 each. Safety razor blades which can last several shaves cost a paltry $0.10 to $0.30 each.

With typical double-edge safety razor, you are also being more kind to the environment. The EPA estimates that some 2 billion cartridge razors are deposited into landfills each year. Safety razor blades, on the other hand, are not only smaller, they are completely recyclable, making them much more environmentally stylish.

But aren’t safety razors just for men?

Often women do not understand that safety razors are not just made for men. Many women are finding the economical and environmentally friendly means of shaving their legs with a safety razor. It can not only shave your cartridge razor budget by as much as $200 annually, it can also aid in preventing nasty razor bumps and razor burn.

In addition, many newer models have styles that are specifically built with women in mind. Colors like pink and purple can be had at many online wet shaving supply stores.

Shaving (for men and women) has become more optional of late. For those that don’t shave, more power to you. For those that do, do the environmental and economically-responsible thing for your pocket-book and get yourself a safety razor.


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