Recently, the “2006 Beijing International Luxury Exhibition and 2006 China Wealth Who named the most admired luxury brands, “a press conference held in Beijing, Belgium is also well-known jewelry brand Moneta first time the mainland China market. These successive news events luxury become the focus of attention. What are characteristics of luxury? achievement of a luxury brand handed down What kind of marketing? These issues are also business people to discuss the topic.

5 Characteristics of Luxury   1. The history of precipitation “3 on behalf of the can out of an aristocracy,” the phrase used in the luxury goods sector is fitting. All without exception are called top-level luxury to have a lot of Consumption Those who indulge long aftertaste and the history of stories, many of the brand even more than a hundred years of history. Looks very stylish Montblanc is celebrating its founding years; Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin, etc. Lists History can be traced back before the mid-18th century. Like vintage wine can be several times the same price, consumers are willing to pay the price of this invisible history. History is the first element of luxury and luxury reason to want you to get enough luxury brand, talk about the history of it.

2.’s Unique brand 1879 years “Vodka King” LarsOlssonSmith in Sweden created a continuous distillation, this brewing process is “absolute vodka” adopted and carried forward. “Absolute Vodka” to stick with the natural origin of the town’s deep water to brewing, to ensure the quality of every drop of wine. It has become an “absolute vodka,” the most important selling point. Moreover, the Pop Art master AndyWarhol and put it in another new form (the “absolute art”) displayed before the world, “Absolute Vodka” achieved with a combination of pop art. But this is always around the “absolute vodka” brand appeal: absolutely pure and unique.

Many luxury goods have such genes. Blancpain table and do not adhere to all hand-made mosaic any Diamond ; LV refinement and simplicity; Prada perfection … … These unique factors have become an important reason for consumers to choose their. These brand leaders stick to their ideas, and never change with the trends change, it will not meet Public Preferences, because they just want to sell to people who like it.

3. The power of legend If the back of these brands will find most of the brand with a legendary figure closely linked, so a lot of luxury to its founder named. George? Armani, Louis? Vuitton, Bentley, Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin and so true. Not only the founder of the legendary creation of the initial products, but also provides a unique brand concept and brand gene. Many brand has become a luxury, but also because it is used as the family business from generation to generation, making its process and the spirit has been good to inheritance. Louis? Vuitton Brand (LV) by the Frenchman Louis? Vuitton I founded in 1854. Founder Louis? Vuitton is specialized for the 19th century aristocratic palace Make Bag of technicians, as production of suitcases sophisticated technology, and his fame gradually spread throughout Europe. Many brands to the 20th century began to be a big luxury group acquired and began operation of the market, but its brand essence can be passed along.

4. Limited edition classic When many luxury goods are Business After the operation, although the high price, it is still money can buy. Thus, limited edition product becomes a great temptation, because it represents the number of rare, unique design and special commemorative significance. Limited edition of “luxury in the luxury goods”, the principle is to produce products to the luxury of not copying, limited to only a small number of people can have high prices. Limited edition product is not a core value, but because it can provide dreams and exclusive, this is more for the luxury collectors dream. Each year, the world’s leading brands are for the production of limited edition products and brains. From the economic standpoint, limited edition product and not for the brand to bring high returns, but many brands still willing to sacrifice part of the economic well-limited edition product, because the manufacturers hope will gain consumer loyalty and recognition products rather than short-term interests. If there is no limited edition product launches, the brand certainly not enter the palace of luxury.

5. Handicraft secret

Mechanization and assembly line were popular, what people have to hand has a special intimacy. It was assumed that, craftsmanship, something more “authentic”, excellent quality, rich in content. Therefore, it is the history of luxury brands generally retains its traditional arts and crafts time left. Manual time-consuming huge, expensive luxury goods is not surprising. Jurassic Valley artisans use simple tools from day to day processing of complex watches; LV adhere to each and every rivet is built by hand; a lot of fashion is a stitch sewn by hand … … in a large number of high-quality cheap commodities into the market, luxury craft seems the most important factor to maintain high prices.

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