Tantra is a methodology to bring both mind and body into harmony, and meditation is a useful tool to use in order to make that happen in an organic way. Once you realise that there is no set story pre-written for you–that is, your life is not some sort of fixed existence, but a free-form existence controlled by you alone–only then can you reach your true potential. To fully understand the art of Tantric meditation, the Tantric idea of self-emptiness must be completed first. This is a Buddhist concept that means one has neither ego nor a self. Your potential can be reached, but it must be constantly worked at.

In order to empty yourself through Tantric meditation, you must mentally detach yourself from everything that gives you a false sense of selfhood. These bonds can be physical, emotional, or psychological, but they all must go. Any habits, instincts, or predetermined notions you may have must be relinquished. This includes memories or any traumatic experiences you may have suffered in the past. Everything that you feel defines you in some way or another must be forgotten. This is very important, because if you cannot do this, you cannot self-empty.

Once self-emptiness has been achieved through Tantric meditation, you have to envision yourself as an enlightened being; this doesn’t mean believe yourself to be a deity, but to acknowledge that you’ve achieved enlightenment. This means that you have realised the steps you’ve taken in order to achieve this goal. Through self-emptying, you have detached yourself from the bonds that keep you in a pre-defined role and marching toward a pre-determined goal. You don’t have to live like that; you do have a choice. Meditation helps you visualise your enlightened self and realise this goal.

Tantra involves the delicate balance of both male and female energies in the body. When these are in balance, both the mind and body are in harmony and in sync. Through Tantric meditation, we can discover the things in our lives that prevent us from reaching that equilibrium and channel out those things from our minds through self-emptying. In your enlightened state, you can realise what had been keeping you from achieving your balance. In the end, you’ll end up feeling like a complete individual. Although you probably see it all the time in romantic comedy movies, you absolutely do not need anyone to “complete” you; you can complete yourself!

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