The Elements of Male Fashion - The Basics

So you want people to describe you as a fashionable male? You want to have your friends ask you for style tips and where they should shop to dress like you? Well, the way to achieve this goal is to learn style basics that form the foundation for building a great fashion look every time. This requires that you invest in e few things. Here is the short list.

Custom Suit

In order to set the right standard for your overall look you need to come out swinging and this means purchasing a made to measure suit. You can buy high quality off the racks and have them tailored and often this can create a great look, but there is no substitute for having yourself a suit made from the very beginning. Being able to select a style that compliments you and fits your specific body type and then modifying it to conform to your specific idiosyncrasies mean you end up with a look with no compromises. You then choose the fabric that best compliments or enhances your looks. This suit tells everyone that you are focused on style and that you want to make a statement. A custom suit sets the perfect tone.

Once there is a pattern made of your dimensions it is always there for you to use again when you want a suit, jacket, pants or shirt made for you in the future. All you have to do is visit your tailor to select the fabric you want.

The Right Shoes

Great shoes today have given way to casual cheaply made ones and not enough men realize how this switch has negatively impacted their chance at being a style icon. Wearing great shoes does get noticed and you should always look to make a statement in this area. Although the trend has definitely gone to more casual shoes, you can still find great quality looks by designers and even by the top athletic shoe companies. When it comes to dress shoes, you should certainly aim for traditional ones offer right style. Look for real leather or exotic skins, that lace and look good no matter how you are dressed. You can also go for a pair of canvas shoes if they look stylish. Aim for neutral colors that blend well with numerous outfits and colors.

The Hat

It is said that only certain people can wear hats, but the truth is that most people have to find the right hat for them. When you go hat shopping, expect to spend a lot of time locating the one that augments your features and helps you to cement your style. This is a fashion area where you are allowed to take some chances because hats are so versatile. You should also purchase several different types of hats that can go with many different outfits taking them from mundane to cool or from bland to sporty. Try not to overdo it on size or color and let the hat compliment things rather than be the center of attention. When you get it right you will know by the compliments.

Men’s fashion runs the gamut from high end to casual, and the common theme is that it uses these basics to set the right foundation.

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