The psychological link between smiling and self-confidence

We all know that one friend who seems to always be smiling, and who can find a way to cheer everyone around them up a little bit. And maybe you have noticed the world seems to be just a little bit kinder to them. Did you ever wonder if there might be something more to it? Recent research has shown that there may well be more to the link between smiles and self-confidence, and therefore between your smile and success. Finding your way to a smile you love can be a step towards having the life you love as well.

What can smiling do for your self-confidence and health?

Ron Gutman, the CEO of HealthTap, shows in a TedTalk that the amount of time people spend smiling can be used as a fascinating indicator of many things. A study of yearbook photos found that the width of a smile could be used to successfully calculate a range of factors, including life satisfaction and chance of divorce. Smiling, Gutman explains, is a genuinely universal human trait, with unborn children in the womb smiling as soon as they are able, and babies often smiling in their sleep. One third of people smile more than twenty times every day, and 14% of people smile less than five times a day.

Smiling is a contagious behaviour, and one which can not only reinforce our happiness, but also generate positive feeling – physiologically reducing the level of stress chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline in our systems. People who smile have also been proven to appear not only happier but also more competent in the eyes of their peers.

What does this mean for your life?

It should be clear from the research that finding a way to take advantage of this knowledge in your life can pay huge dividends. Knowing to smile more can be your new secret weapon in getting ahead in life. However, it can seem awkward to find ways of smiling more. If you don’t think you smile enough you can try smiling at yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning in private, and then make a rule that whenever you see your reflection and you don’t look “smiley”, you simply take a deep breath and smile. Smiling is built into the core of your muscle memory, so if you give it a little thought, it should soon become second nature.

What if you don’t feel confident about your smile?

A lot of Britons do not feel confident about their smiles, but an incredible revolution has taken place in British dentistry over the past decade and a half, towards ensuring that British teeth are no longer famous for being dreadful. Around Britain today there are a great range of dentists who are able to provide cosmetic services at a range of prices. Some cosmetic operations are not covered on the NHS, so it can be worth looking to private dentists such as Ten Dental, an award-winning practice of dentists in Balham, for high quality results. Emerging with a smile you are happy with you will find it pays its way forward in your life as your become a happier, more confident person.

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