From her early days as just another reality show star to her current position as the head of a media empire, one thing has remained consistent about Kim Kardashian: her unique sense of style. Kim’s body is seriously curvy, which can be difficult to dress. However, this hasn’t stopped her from making bold fashion choices that are both timeless and uniquely her own.

2006 – 2008

Kim’s style in the early years was all over the place and she was still coming into her own as a fashionista. She tended to buy off the rack rather than designer, and she preferred mixing and matching separates to formal gowns or perfect coordinates. She had a lot of misses, but she had a lot of hits, too, putting together great looking and unique outfits that imitators don’t have to be a major celebrity to pull off. For an example, look no further than the boho-inspired outfit she wore to Christina Aguilera’s Rock the Vote party in 2008. A fringed vest a patterned blouse gave was accessorized perfectly with ankle boots and a chain necklace. The outfit was bold and colorful without looking too busy.

Kim Kardashian

2009 – 2012

Beginning in the late 2000s, Kim came into her own as a fashion icon. She started appearing on the red carpet more often. The gowns she chose were a big part of establishing her personal style. She put together outfits that were unique and got people talking while still being undeniably products of the same fashion-oriented mind. They still weren’t all winners – see the rather unflattering white tunic dress and woven belt she wore to a viewing party in 2009 – but they were unlike anything else at the event that night.

Kim Kardashian Fashion

2013 – 2015

2013 was a banner year for Kim. She married and had her first child, and adopted a more mature style than ever before. Lately, she favors refined separates, often opting for a skirt and midriff baring blouse rather than a gown for formal events. Kim has also rounded out her closet with a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous winter coats. For evidence, look no further than the all black number she was snapped wearing in New York in 2014. Kim paired thigh high suede boots with a heavy sheepskin coat and a mini dress.


With a rapidly growing family and a secure spot as one of the wealthiest women in America, it seems a good bet that Kim’s personal style will continue to evolve.

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