For a woman the mouth is one of the most beautiful and sensual parts of the body. Not only are lips of course the part of the body that is used for kissing, but they are also the part of the body that shows our personality, and one of the most sexual/sensual parts that men will always fixate on. If you want to drive a certain guy mad, then making your lips look their fullest and most inviting is a great way to do so – there’s a reason that Angelina Jolie is so popular.

Many women unfortunately though just don’t do enough with their lips, instead leaving them to look after themselves. Even a woman who spends hours making sure her foundation is even and her eyes are sultry will often neglect the lips and leave them bare, which is why wearing a bold red lipstick or cool pink can really turn heads and make guys think of you in a different way. Here we will look at how to make your lips look their very most beautiful and create a great look for them.

stila plumping lip glaze


Putting on foundation isn’t the only thing you do to get great skin – most women will also have a skin regime that involves exfoliating and moisturising and this makes sure that their skin looks great to start with.

You should have the same approach when you want to make your lips look great too, so that means using a lip balm in winter to keep them moisturized and it means looking after your teeth so that they look straight and white and you look healthier as a result.

Sweet Drink


Next you need to choose a colour you want to work with. Here it really does pay to be bold and if you want to make people look at you in a new way, then wearing red lipstick has to be one of the surest ways to do that. Of course though you also want to choose a colour that works with your skin tone – so play around with plums and pinks to see what’s best for you. And if you want something a bit more muted for a more casual occasion, then go for a nude colour but still choose something thick and with a little gloss so that people can tell you’re wearing it. It’s worth investing in a good brand like Maybelline so that your lipstick actually lasts otherwise there’s hardly any point using it to start with.


When you do use a bold lipstick make sure to use a more subtle eye shadow – making both your eyes and lips too colourful can end up causing them to compete which can result in a ‘clown’ like look – something that no one wants…

Pink lips


If you want your lips to look fuller and more inviting then using a gloss is one great way to accomplish this as that causes your lips to catch the light more and so appear more rounded. You may also want to consider using a lip liner – draw around the outside of your lip-line and you will make them look bigger, fuller and more pouty. Which men love…


Felicia Banks is a certified fitness trainer and a beautician. She loves writing blogs in her free time. Her blogs are mostly related to fashion, beauty, health and weight-loss.

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