Many people will line up to see a Tom Cruise film. He has been a very popular actor for years and years.

Two of his biggest hits are available in a two pack on Blu-ray. Those movies are Top Gun and Days of Thunder. They are two of his best, with Top Gun sending him into super stardom and Thunder when he was at the peak of his game. Both movies are action oriented and look great in high definition on Blu-ray. These movies are more than likely already in your DVD collection if you are a Tom Cruise fan or an action movie fan. It doesn’t get much better than cheesy 80’s music blaring as two F-16 fighter planes barrel across the screen.

Top Guns story is magical. There are beach scenes and flying action and also a love story throughout. It is a great 80’s movie and the blu-ray version has extras that are definitely worth seeing.

The next movie, Days of Thunder is Hollywood’s attempt at cashing in on the popularity of NASCAR. It was just starting to enter into the mainstream when this film was released and they tried to represent what they thought the stock car racing culture was. It wasn’t exact, not as close as Ricky Bobby a few years later, but the racing action looks great on Blu-ray and the sound is incredible. Nicole Kidman, before all the plastic surgery and Randy Quaid and Robert Duvall all give great performances and really make the movie with their abilities. It is really more of an ensemble cast and it is not just left to Tom Cruise to carry along for the whole movie. Again, there are a few extras that have probably been seen on other releases, but what you are paying for is to see this movie in high definition and that is where it shines.

The double pack is a great deal. The movies get better and better as you watch them and can appreciate them more.

Top Gun on Blu-ray is really awesome to watch. If you are searching for it on Blu-ray DVD you can look at CDWow.

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