Understanding the Deeper Psychological Meaning of Therapy That Comes in the Form Of Art

Art therapy is a therapeutic expression of art that uses the creative process of using art to improve a person’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. This life brings different traumatic experiences, illnesses and challenges to people causing many to break down and turn to substance abuse to try and maintain their sanity.

Through creating art and reflecting on the processes and products, people suffering from life’s challenges can increase their self-awareness, helping them develop as well as manage their behaviors and cope with life’s stress much easier.

What is I am not talented in art?

You don’t need to be a talented artist to enjoy the benefits of this therapy. It doesn’t matter if you only doodle with your paint brush; what matters is that you communicate what you feel on that piece of canvas with your brush.

There are professionals who will work with you to help put together the communication presented and the underlying messages communicated through your art. This process aids in your healing process!

This therapy can help achieve different things for different individuals. It is used for counselling by therapists, treatment for emotional breakdowns, healing, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, etc. It can also be used to massage the inner self of a suffering person in a way that will provide the individual with a deeper sense of understanding themselves.

Who are art therapists?

They are professionals who are trained in both art and therapy. They are highly knowledgeable in human development, spiritual and psychological theories, clinical practice and multicultural and artistic traditions.

These professionals use art in assessing, researching and treating different emotional and substance use cases. They work with people of all ages – teens, children, families, couples, individuals, communities, groups, etc.

They provide services to different institutions that include: mental health, medical and forensic institutions, rehabilitation, community outreach programs, wellness centers, nursing homes, corporate structures, schools, etc.

Who can use this kind of therapy?

Anyone can use art therapy! In a world where there are a million ways to communicate and express our feelings, art is highly recommended. The major difference between this kind of therapy and other forms of communication is that the latter provoke use of words or language as a means of communication while art doesn’t.

Many times, humans are unable to express themselves verbally, which can be very limiting and cause them to go quiet while their inner self is speaking. This therapy helps that person whose inner self is speaking to express themselves in a way that can be understood.

One of the many splendors of art as a therapy is the ability of a person to express their feelings through any form of art. There are many different types of expressive therapies that include drawing, painting, sculpture and music.


They say if life hands you lemons, make lemonade! What we are not told is that these lemonades will all taste different depending on what you choose to use. We are very different and unique; our feelings are therefore expressed differently and should be appreciated more than challenged. This is the same with art therapy; it should be encouraged more to reach many who are out there lost in their own little worlds.


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