Most of us understand that if we want to look our best we need to pay attention to what we wear under our clothes. Buying and wearing the right underwear is the first step to looking good.

Replace your underwear regularly

If your bra does not offer the right level, and sort of, support, it does not matter how nice your new top is, it will just not look right. That is why periodically updating your underwear drawer is essential. There is no point in wearing bras, knickers and support garments that have lost their elasticity. They do not stay in place properly and feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Choose the right colour underwear

The majority of the time our underwear is not seen by other people. Therefore, what colour it is should not really matter, but sometimes it does. For example, if you are going to wear white clothing buy flesh coloured rather than dark bras, knickers or corsets.

Following the trend is not always the best approach

It is nice to stay on trend, but you have to recognise that not every style of underwear is going to be right for you. For example, Balconette bras are rarely suitable for women with narrow shoulders. This is because the straps tend to be set apart a little wider than normal. Therefore, they do not sit in the right place on women who have narrower shoulders.

Certain shape bras do not offer enough support

If you are a big breasted woman it is particularly important to buy a bra that offers a good level of support. You will need to look from that has wide enough straps, as well as considering the cut.

Don´t wear underwear that is too tight

One classic mistake a lot of women make is to wear underwear that is too tight for them. This creates unsightly bulges, which can ruin their silhouette. Not to mention the fact that you will end up with painful, and unsightly red weals.

Very few of us measure ourselves before we go shopping for underwear. Instead, we just end up buying the same size and style of bras and knickers we always do. Often, this is a mistake, because our body shape and size is in an almost constant state of flux. All it takes is for you to put on or lose a few pounds or to start skipping one of your exercise classes for you to end up wearing the wrong size underwear.

If you want to learn the correct way to measure yourself for underwear, you can do so here.

Don´t wear a thong to the gym

My last underwear blunder to avoid is something that I have mentioned before in another post. But, it is an important one, so I am going to share it with you again.

You really should avoid wearing a thong when you go to the gym. This is because doing so can easily lead to urinary infections. When you exercise you will sweat which can wash rectal bacteria along the thong. It can then enter your urinary tract and cause a nasty infection that can take a while to clear up.

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