1. The Versace Fragrance

From the maker of high-end luxury clothing and accessories comes another addition that will surely delight the public, the Versace cologne. This men’s cologne is truly stunning as it contains high quality ingredients that are a treat to the senses.

This manly scent has a combination of pepper, flowers, bergamot and neroli that are blended perfectly to create a sophisticated appeal that people around will surely notice. Versace cologne was created with the modern man in mind so those who use this cologne need not worry about smelling just like their grandfathers did.

2. The Man Behind The Famous Brand

Gianni Versace, a multi-awarded fashion designer, was born in 1946 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. His mother had a dressmaking business where he helped as an apprentice. He helped his mother find precious stones which they used to accentuate dresses. After studying architecture, he moved to Milan to work as a fashion designer. He was 26.

In 1976, he was designing collections for top fashion houses like Genny, Complice and Callahan. He became successful in doing this so he decided to release his own women’s collection a few years later. With the help of his brother Santo, he finally opened his own fashion label which he called Gianni Versace. This top fashion company now produces not just women’s clothing but other items like jewelry, watches, home furnishings, cosmetics and fragrances.

Gianni Versace was killed in 1997 in his Miami Beach mansion. His brother Santo became the CEO and sister Donatella became the Creative Director. Despite Gianni’s death, the Gianni Versace company continues to carry out what Gianni had started.

3. Perfect for all occasions

Versace cologne can be used for all occasions. Its smoothing and warm appeal won’t be bothersome for your colleagues if you choose to wear it to the office every day. On the other hand it is also perfect for very special occasions, like a romantic dinner date. You will surely smell both charming and enticing that your date just won’t be able to resist you.

4. Luxury, Luxury, Luxury

Every bottle of Versace cologne exudes with luxury. As Donatella Versace continues to press on with her brother’s vision of creating only the best in luxury items, she shouts “Lusso! Lusso! Lusso!” Lusso is luxury in Italian.

A man who chooses to use Versace cologne is someone who knows what true luxury means. The scent found in each Versace bottle represents everything that the company is all about – luxury.

5. Women Love the Luxurious Smell of Versace Cologne

Versace cologne has a distinctly luxurious scent that women just love. A bottle of this exquisite cologne may be costly but it is a wise investment. The perfect combination of all the ingredients will have an incredible effect on all the women around you. Knowing that it’s from Versace, you can be assured that you will get only the best. It doesn’t matter what your style or personality is, dabbing on this wonderful men’s cologne will surely get you lots of attention from women.

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