People have always prized white teeth because it reflects youthfulness, signals strength and radiates health. Of course, there’s nothing like a flashing set of pearly whites to boost your confidence. However, as you age, your teeth begin to yellow.

When you examine at a tooth, you see the outside enamel and then there’s the dentin, which is naturally darker. With wear and tear, teeth naturally start to become darker. In addition, smoking, the food we eat and beverages such as coffee and tea contribute to stained teeth.

While there are several options to whiten teeth, two options you can choose from to whiten teeth at home are using teeth whitening strips and warpaint, natural teeth whitener.

While everyone can feel proud of owning a set of beautiful white teeth, there is a downside to teeth whitening, especially when using products which contain harsh chemicals.

Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips primarily contain hydrogen peroxide, the chemical used to bleach your floors, but with a far lower concentration.

When you leave the strip on for some time, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into molecules with reactive unpaired electrons which attack stain molecules and break them apart. Hydrogen peroxide is an acid which is why you need sodium hydroxide a base to make the teeth whitening strip less acidic.

The advantage of using teeth whitening strips is that they are economical, easy and convenient to use. All you do is put them on, wait 20-30 minutes and remove. You can put them on while doing your chores or other activities around the house. They’re also an effective alternative for people who aren’t comfortable with using whitening trays because they have a gag reflex.

The downside of teeth whitening strip is that they can only whiten surfaces of the teeth they come in contact with. This leaves grooves, crevices and cracks still discoloured. Also, due to the milder concentration of bleaching agents, it takes a considerably longer time than getting teeth whitened professionally.

Finally, teeth whitening strips containing chlorine dioxide can eat away your tooth enamel surface which will make your teeth sensitive and has the potential to cause long-term damage.

Pros and Cons of Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitener

The main ingredient in Warpaint natural teeth whitener is activated charcoal, which is a concentrated form of natural charcoal which is safe to use. It has toxin-binding qualities that absorb the plaque and stains from your teeth. These toxins are removed from the body through your digestive system. Since no chemicals are present, Warpaint natural teeth whitener is a safer option to using teeth whitening strips.

When using Warpaint natural teeth whitener for the first time, the activated charcoal can feel abrasive as it is like a fine powder, especially if you have sensitive teeth. However, this feeling dissipates once you use it a few times. Some users prefer to let it sit for a little time instead of brushing teeth the normal way.

The particles of the powder are very fine which makes it much easier to apply to the intricate areas between teeth. The removal of toxins also helps in improving gum health and bad breath.

Activated charcoal can get to be messy from the time you dip the toothbrush into the charcoal to getting it into your mouth, you will probably spill some on your counter and will need to put a paper towel under it. If you open your mouth while you’re brushing the activated charcoal it can spill all over the place.

Your toothbrush will definitely turn black and you will have to rinse it quite a few times. Instead of using the same toothbrush used for brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste, use a separate toothbrush for brushing with Warpaint natural teeth whitener.

Getting the Best Results from Teeth Whitening

Results of teeth whitening are dependent on your habits and the discolouration can return. Smoking and consuming a large number of coloured drinks and foods can see them begin to fade in a month. Avoiding these sources can prolong your teeth looking white for longer.

Teeth whitening products are not effective if you have had dental restorations such as veneers, caps, fillings or crowns. They are also not as effective if discolouration is caused by medications such as antipsychotics, antihistamines and high blood pressure medications. Stains caused by antibiotics, chemotherapy or neck and head radiation are also hard to remove.

While natural products like Warpaint natural teeth whitener are considered to be safer because they do not contain chemicals, avoiding smoking and food or drink which contribute to staining of teeth can go a long way in making your teeth retain their whiteness.

Author Bio: Aiza Tordil is a beauty and health blogger from Love Thyself offering helpful advice on beauty tips and healthy living which she practices to keep looking healthy and attractive.

She is passionate about sustainable living and always up on the hottest natural and organic skincare trends. Ultimately, she hopes to tell stories that strike a chord with people and provide them the importance of using only natural and organic products.


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