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Clip-in hair extensions have become very popular within the recent times among the women who have short haircuts. If you need to go for a night out, you can easily change your look, add extra length and thickness. But how do you take care of them?

First of all, you need to determine what hair extensions are made from? To do so, it’s enough just to burn a small piece of hair. If it smells like a plastic, it means that you hold synthetic hair.  Human hair extensions start burning very quickly and have the specific smell.

If you decided to buy natural hair, then you should wash it using regular shampoos and balms. Sometimes remember to apply remedies against the split ends. When washing your hair, moisturize the hair extensions and apply a little bit of shampoo. Run your fingers over the strands starting from roots all the way to the ends. However, do not rub the curls in a circle as you do it with your own hair. After washing, it will be hard for you to comb your hair extensions. Wash the rest of the shampoo off and apply a little bit of a balm or conditioner. Leave it in for a while and then wash it off. Put the clip-in hair extensions on the dry clean fabric, but do not rub and/or twist the strands.

What to do if you need to wash the hair urgently? In this case, what you can do is simply dry it using a blow dryer. Before starting the process, spray a little bit of water on the hair extensions. Keep in mind that you must not apply wet curls to your own hair and dry it after. It’s best to do so in advance.

Synthetic hair is usually washed in a different way. To properly wash it, you need to fill the bowl with the cold water and add a tablespoon of a shampoo. Shake it using a brush so it turns into the foam. Now using the brush apply foam to your curls and comb all the way from clips to the ends. Avoid using any alcohol dissolvent as it will make your synthetic hair looking dull.

Remember that cheap synthetic locks can not be dried using a hair dryer as they will get melted under the hot air. You should consider that if you come up with an idea to curl your hair extensions with curling iron or rollers.

If there is tap water at home, you better add a tablespoon of soda. This product will soften the water and make your hair look softer and silky. It is also necessary to wash synthetic hair once in a while. When it comes to proper care, Anchanté Hair recommends taking care of human hair more thoroughly because it lacks the natural nutrition that you own hair used to get. After the hair extensions dry up, apply a little bit oil.

If you really want your hair extensions to blend perfectly with your own hair, then you should definitely go for the human hair because it will not only look naturally but also will serve you much longer that synthetic one.


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