Fashion Week is internationally known. The Fashion industry convenes in four locations worldwide, New York, London, Milan, and Paris. At each venue, outstanding examples of designer’s clothing are showcased. It provides an excellent time for up and coming designers to discover what the clothes will be like in the next season, making it easy to see why it is so popular world wide.

There are a few ways to get into this exclusive event, and journalists are among those admitted. One industry-exclusive event are Fashion Weeks, invitations are only given to designers, models, journalists, fashion professionals and celebrities. Journalists eager to see Fashion Week should try to network with designers, models, or sponsors who can get you admission. Be sure to look at the official Fashion Week site regarding information to apply that is specifically for writers. Some media groups do coverage of fashion events so find out if such opportunities are available for you.

Models. A big part of the success of Fashion Week is the catwalk strutted by models at each event. You should go to the featured cities Fashion Week’s website to sign up if you think you are hot enough, a complete list of credentials and the ability to strut your stuff.

Volunteer. If you have free time and live in New York City, you should try to find out if you can volunteer during the Week. However, being a Fashion Week volunteer is not as simple as it may seem—you would be an organizers’ assistant and have many clerical assignments. It’s fun to see models, celebrities, stars, and also get a leg up on current fashions!

You can buy tickets. Don’t expect to get off cheap during the Week. The official Fashion Week website offers tickets ranging from $ 85 for one show to $ 5,000 for all of its shows. You may not want to spend that much; fortunately, other hotels will offer tickets during the Week that will allow you to see some of the shows. Credit card companies offer a variety of services including entertainment packages for those who love watching a show. For more information on the hospitality industry, check corporate websites for additional details.

Attending Fashion Week will start things off. At fashion events around the world, style and glamour walk hand in hand. Dress up in your best garb and do your best to copy the stylish walk of the fashion model. Now that you’ve been invited to the world’s most exclusive fashion show, you need to demonstrate that you belong.

Jacquie Generra writes about Women’s and Fashion & Personal Care as a staff writer for

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