White is one of the hottest colors for Spring. Crisp, clean and ultimately feminine, white can signal innocence and youth or sophistication and class. But white can be tricky to wear. If you have kids or are prone to getting food on your clothes, wearing white might be totally out of the question. But you can still wear white eyeshadow. On eyes, white brightens tired eyes and opens them up. It complements all of your pastel outfits and can look great with a bold lip. Here are a few tips on how to wear white eyeshadow for spring.

1. Pick the right shade of white.

You don’t need to go stark white to get the same effect. Depending on your skin tone, a shimmery white or a matte beige might give you a similar effect. For daytime wear, stick with a white that complements your skin tone so if you’re fair, go ahead and go bright white. If you have a darker olive complexion, use a warmer shade of white. For nighttime wear, a bright white with a lit of shimmer looks great on nearly every skin tone.

How To Wear White Eyeshadow for Spring

2. Keep it on your eyelid.

White looks best when kept to your eyelid. Avoid blending it to your brow bone to avoid a reverse raccoon effect. Apply the shadow from the crease on your eye to your eye line and keep the color even.

3. Wear mascara and eyeliner.

White eyeshadow dust can lighten up your lashes and your lash line when you apply it. To make sure your lashes stay dark, apply mascara after you brush on your white eyeshadow. If you don’t want to wear mascara, try using a clear mascara just to get the eyeshadow dust off your lashes. For white eyeshadow, a liquid liner works best but only if you have a steady hand. If not, apply only to the waterline of your eye.

4. Add dimension by adding subtle color.

If your white shadow starts to look too one dimensional, try adding a very pale pink the outer edges or a powder blue. Just a hint will add depth to the white and really make the shape of your eyes pop. You can even apply two shades of white for an even more subtle effect. I like to use M.A.C. Shroom to the inner and outer points of my eye and a shimmery white to the whole eyelid.

5. Keep the rest of your face clean.

Keeping your face dewy and clean is best for white eyeshadow. A peachy blush and a bold lip goes great with white shadow but if you want, you can also keep the rest of your face neutral and use a black cat eye liner to add drama to your look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. White is pretty forgiving as an eyeshadow and even just a dab on the inner corners of your eyes can really brighten your shoe face. Start small and add as much as your feel comfortable wearing. Then take a picture and share it with us!

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