Every year, we look for ways to be bigger and better than the last. It applies to our day-to-day lives, work ethic and personal growth, but it also applies to the things we set out to do. That’s why we keep things fresh, and each year we look to new trends and looks.

After he got down on one knee and proposed, to which your answer was a resounding “YES”, you need to consider so many things such as wedding invitations, wedding dresses and much more. This is a new journey you are embarking on, and it’s always good to be informed, prepared and ready to face it head on.

Now, picking out a wedding dress isn’t easy and neither is picking out your wedding invitations. With all the inspiration, the colors and the designs, and not to mention the trims out there, it can be a little daunting. But it would be easier if you knew what this year’s wedding invitation trends were all about. That way, you could not only select a wedding invitation that was trendy, but also one that is true to your personalities and even goes the distance by adding a few little customizations to the look. We’ve selected some of the top wedding invitation trends for you to consider before you finalize and pick the most ideal wedding invitation for the two of you.

Vintage Elegance


Audrey Hepburn said that “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades“; whether it’s in the way you dress, carry yourself or the styling theme for your wedding day.  There are many types and themes of wedding invitations out there that can be classified as elegant whether they are traditional or modern in appearance. But the bottom line is that it exudes sophistication, it revels in class and above all, it sets the tone.  Think lace, think pearls, think damask in beautiful pastel shades that bask in this year’s color trends.

Whether you are opting for printed wedding invitations cards, hardcover wedding invitations or a layered wedding invitation look complete with specialty wedding paper that includes the likes of damask or lace flocked paper, embossed or even metallic, these are all trendy ways in which you can stand out in a sea of weddings.

Pretty Florals & Patterns


We could all use a little color in our lives. A great place to start would be in our garden with nature’s inspiration courtesy of flora and foliage. This year, you will find yourself looking at floral designs that come in various forms and styles on wedding invitations. It could be via photo wedding invitations, or it could feature a watercolor or illustrated look, or even silhouette art. There are many styles when flowers are involved whether you stick to in-season flora or your favorites. One favored floral wedding invitation trend this year is the floral garland design which frames either the invitation wording or the likes of the couple’s names or monogram/motif of the wedding invitation. Isn’t that just lovely?

But for those who aren’t too inclined towards floral art, you have the choice of glorious patterns to choose from. Stripes to chevron, damask to swirls, scallops to lattice, patterns are making a bold comeback especially with modern wedding invitation designs. Minimalistic layouts, a mish-mash of patterns and contrasting colors, mixed with the right choice of font can really make an impact when choosing a modern style with patterns as its partner.

Add a Little Sparkle


A little shimmer, a little gleam, to take after the sparks that flew as your love grew. Whether it’s with glitter, foil or metallic specialty paper, whichever choice of material you finally choose will look fabulous no matter which way you go, because a little bit of “pizzazz” goes a long way. It’s however important to use it in the right quantity and not to overdo it. A foil motif for your passport wedding invitations or a metallic hued embossed or glitter specialty paper for your layered wedding invites are some ways you can include a pop of sparkle into your wedding invitations. But that’s not all. You can even add an envelope liner with this specialty wedding paper and make such a great impression as your invitees open up the invite package you send them.

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