Samantha was so excited about the new Bikram yoga class starting at the yoga studio across town. She had never gone to one before and the concept seemed interesting. The idea of doing different yoga movements in a hot room seemed like a fun idea, but she knew she needed a Bikram yoga mat. However, she knew finding the best yoga mat for her needs wouldn’t be that easy, as she was picky.

She ran into the store and came across a large selection of mats. The problem was her favorite pattern was an Ashtanga yoga mat, which meant she needed to keep looking. In the next aisle, she discovered a few mats she wouldn’t mind. Samantha especially liked the mat that had a washable cover, as she knew it would help to absorb moisture.

What do you need from a Bikram yoga mat?

– Must absorb the moisture. You are going to sweat excessively, because the room is very warm. The mat should soak up this moisture and keep you from falling. It also soaks up all of the toxins that sweat out of your body, keeping them away from you and your neighbors.
– Has a washable cover. Your mat will last longer when it has another cover to take care of some of the moisture. However, it helps if both are washable so you can easily remove the toxins and all the moisture.
– Should have extra padding. It helps to have a cushion when you are moving through the different yoga positions. If you didn’t, the hard surface would become uncomfortable. On the other hand, it cannot be too thick or too squishy, because you could lose your balance.
– Has friction. It means the Bikram yoga mat has resistance on both sides, as it will allow you to keep your feet in place even if it is all wet. The other side of the mat also needs extra friction so it stays in place on the floor.
– Should be oversized. The best yoga mat will have the proper length and width to keep the person in place. You won’t have to worry about adjusting it during class.
– Created from multiple kinds of materials. Foam mats are used by a lot of different users, and mats created from natural materials are also popular.

When you are searching for a Bikram yoga mat, the best selection is found online.

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