The key to being above them is to be aware of them. Dynamic meditation can be practiced by paying attention to your thoughts, more and more often, until you achieve a constant watchfulness. You do not have to settle for less than the best possible Yoga teacher. It should also be noted that Yoga has realistic stress management solutions for those students who make a commitment to practice on a steady basis. Early detection as well as advances in chemotherapy and other treatments mean that each year yields more and more breast cancer survivors.

Neutropenia, meaning white blood cell counts have dropped below normal levels, lowers immune response to invaders like bacteria, viruses and fungi.[iii] Consequently, the most common and serious reason for the post-chemo hospital visits was high fever from infections. She also takes wheat grass juice to build up her blood counts, because 2 ounces of wheat grass juice contain nutrients equivalent to 4 pounds of organic produce: “The difference in my energy levels is amazing!” Thus, Reiki means “universal life force energy,” which works on all levels-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By influencing all these levels, Reiki is believed gently but dramatically to amplify people’s innate abilities to heal themselves. One can perform Reiki with hands on or above the body, and even across great distances. Thai massage combines elements from all three.

It was developed and practiced by Dr. Jivaka Komaraphat, the Buddha’s doctor and contemporary. After studying other arts and yoga for several years, I was fortunate to start studying with Grandmaster Kuo in 1970. At the time I had no idea how lucky I was. A martial art friend of mine introduced me to Kuo. Kuo and his wife taught in Chinatown in San Francisco across from Portsmouth Park. Kuo signed me up and scheduled private sessions with me. That is when I received my most valuable lessons. I was also able to learn some of the pa-kua and Tam Tui (springy leg lines) exercises he taught. For example one night Kuo taught me what he called the pa-kua “Camel step” and what I later found out to be the Lion palm posture. The form has both short movements and small circles, as well as flowing and expansive movements.

It also has some fast kicks, a jump kick and some fast strikes. Yang Pan-hou was the official teacher for the Imperial court, who was the Manchu’s. The Chinese nationals were subjugated by the Manchu’s and hated them. Yang was Chinese, so many t’ai chi historians claim that he taught a watered down t’ai chi ch’uan to Manchurians and taught the real art to his family and select students. This is considered bad form today, and today’s world that would have gotten him arrested, or at least viewed as a thug, especially since most people do t’ai chi for health, not fighting. Kuo came from a different world. He was one of a very few disciples of Wong. It is claimed that Wong died at the age of 121 years. Kuo later became the primary teacher of this particular form of t’ai-chi ch’uan. It is his students and their student’s who carry on this style today.

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