Yoga has hundreds of different postures which are performed for different effects. Each yoga posture was especially designed to give a certain benefit to the body. The Sanskrit name for accomplished posture is Siddha Asana. Siddha is the Sanskrit word for accomplished or the one who has attained the highest position. In the yogic Vedas, the word siddha implies the action of achieving a still and peaceful mind. It is a meditational posture which has been proved to give peace to the mind. It is a very easy posture as compared to some other more difficult yoga posture.

In order to perform this posture, you will have to perform the following steps-

1. First of all, sit on the floor on a mat with your legs in front of you. Then take a deep breath and bend your left knee. Now take hold of your left foot with both hands. Now put the heel of your left foot against the region between the thighs in a way that, the sole of the left foot is placed against the inner side of your right thigh.

2. Now, exhale and bend forward. Take the big toe of your right foot and loop your right hand forefinger around it. Now take a hold of left foot in your left hand.

3. Now bend your right knee and hold your right foot in your both hands. Then, place the outer side of your right foot at the point where the calf of your leg and the left leg meet. Your right ankle should be placed over your left ankle and the right foot’s heel should be almost lined up with navel. The heel should be placed very near to the pubic area.

4. Now, place your hands on your knees with palms upwards. Now make a circle by placing the thumb and forefinger of your hands together. Stretch you’re remaining fingers straight.

Even though this asana looks complicated on paper but it is not that difficult to perform. Anyone can perform this posture as it doesn’t require a lot flexibility or knowledge of yoga to perform it.

Accomplished posture helps us relax both mentally and physically. It also increases our concentration and also helps us meditate. In a way, this posture helps us free our mind from unnecessary thoughts and helps us find peace. This posture can help you create equilibrium between your body and mind.

Among the physical benefits of this posture is the fact that it also works as a great stretching exercise and can be very helpful if performed before some more difficult postures. In order to get the best results start from sitting in this posture for 2 seconds and then gradually increase it to 10 or more minutes.

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