Why You Should Think About Your Skin Colour When Deciding On Gold Or Silver Jewellery

Determining one’s skin color, while seemingly easy, can be a tricky and confusing task. And perhaps it is even easy to make light of. After all, nobody has ever stopped traffic over wearing the wrong type of makeup or wearing silver earrings when they should have been golden. On the other hand, someone could be traffic-stopping gorgeous looking because everything on her looks precisely right!

And this is the difference between wearing your color or not: It’s the difference between being told you are wearing a beautiful necklace or dress, and being told that you look fantastic. Which would you rather hear?

Jewelry, just like clothing and makeup, should complement skin tone, not fight against it. Violating this rule could cause you to look ashen or washed out – just the opposite of what you want to achieve.

The rules as to what colors go with what skin color, are easy.

Warm skin colors should wear

– gold finished jewelry
– pewter, brass, and copper finished jewelry
– earth tone colored beads and stones

Good examples can be found here: http://www.firemountaingems.com/galleryofdesigns/galleryofdesigns_results.asp?kwsearch=kwBB75warm

Cool skin tone colors are
– silver finished jewelry
– white pearls
– pink, magenta, blue, red, and purple beads and stones

Examples of this type of jewelry: http://www.firemountaingems.com/galleryofdesigns/galleryofdesigns_results.asp?kwsearch=KWBB75cool

This is the easy part. The trickier problem to solve is determining what your skin tone is in the first place. As a general rule, most people, including dark and black skinned people, are cool-toned. On the other hand, Asians, despite having yellow skin on the surface, can also be cool toned, depending on their undertone.

Some conventional methods of determining the tone of your skin color are

– Vein test – check inside your wrist: bluish veins mean cool tone, mostly green veins mean warm tone. If some appear blue and some green, you might be a neutral.

– Place a white sheet of paper next to your face – if your face appears yellow in comparison to the paper, it has a warm tone, if it appears pink or gray, a cool tone

– Dress in cool colored clothes, with matching makeup and accessories, and take a picture outside in natural light
– Dress in warm tones, with matching makeup and accessories, and take a picture outside in natural light
– Compare the two. The answer should be obvious, and if it isn’t, you may be a neutral and can wear either colors, or either gold or silver finished jewelry. However, you might still lean toward one type or other.

An excellent blog article was written by someone who obviously has thought about skin tone a lot. She demonstrates, with the help of pictures, the amazing insights you can gain into your skin color by virtue of placing yourself next to others and comparing how different skin looks, alone, and next to others. She also does a good job at explaining undertone.

It is worth a look at http://musicalhouses.blogspot.com/2010/01/undertones-for-asians-how-to-tell-if.html

In conclusion, determining your skin tone is a worthwhile pursuit that will allow you to zero in on your true colors. Choosing your makeup, jewelry and wardrobe according to your natural skin color will enhance your look and bring out your true beauty.

Tom writes for Maria Doulton who is The Jewellery Editor learn more about jewellery and browse the extensive range of High Jewels, bridal jewellery and watches, connect with us on Facebook for the latest!

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