A zip and laces on one boot might seem a little confusing, but once you realize how effective they are as footwear, you won’t go back to traditional lace up boots. zip boots can save you time and effort in situations that demand speed and rapid response. Police and Military will have need for zip boots for personnel. There are many different styles and manufacturers of zip boots and we will cover a few here and go through the individual specifications so you can see just how useful such footwear is.

There are some fabulous named brands who include zip boots in their tactical footwear range and that speak volumes. Rockport, Converse, Magnum and Smith & Wesson to name just a few. The construction of zip boots is little different to a traditional lace up. The build quality is just the same and the finished boot gives superior comfort and durability. Regardless of the conditions you work in, Desert, city streets, heat or cold, zip boots can perform and give you the comfort you need along with the performance you expect.

As with any tactical boot the zip boots will give you superior materials such as Gore-tex and Thinsulate. The uppers will be heavily stitched and finished to the highest quality. Your zip boots in fact are no different to any other tactical boot except for the addition of the side zip for you convenience. Many additional features that you would expect are still present on the zip boots such as steel toes, airport friendly, high performance and cushioned. Other than the performance the boots look great too.

Comfort is what you really need from any footwear and the zip boots are no different. Why should you settle for anything less than the comfort you need with the design and quality you want. Many of the zip boots are lightweight and have rust resistant metallic parts. The lightness combined with the quality gives you the feeling of coolness when you need it and the heat retaining qualities in cold conditions. You need a boot that performs well and will be up to your job.

You may not have considered the zip boots before, but maybe it’s time you looked at them. You still have the lace up at the front to bring the boot to the correct tightness and fit, but once that is fastened you don’t need to keep undoing and redoing your laces. You have complete ease of getting your boots on in a hurry if needed and the luxury of being able to take them off for even just a moment to let your feet breath, knowing you can get them back in less than 10 seconds. Try zip boots the next time you make a purchase of tactical boots, you will see the benefits immediately.

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